Gadget Freak

I have mentioned that my father was a gadget freak. He is the type of person that just needs to have new things all the time. So for example, he has a desktop computer with a printer/scanner/fax. Not sure who he is faxing though. Then he has this machine that can convert vinyl records into MP3s. I wont mention the fact that he does not have an i-pod…yet.

His love for gadgets is something has been transferred to me. I look around my house and I can see the laptop I am writing this blog, the wireless printer that it is connected to, the Wii that my wife plays so much, the iPhone that I just today purchased…

I never thought that I would get an iPhone much less another ipod. The love for electronics and gadgets is clearly deep rooted! I mean it is not just for luxury purposes. I think about the type of stove I have or the washer and dryer. So the need for just new shit can be consuming. Clearly I am making fun of myself here, but i wonder what it is about shiny new gadgets that we have to get.

One thought on “Gadget Freak

  1. I used to think it was a man thing…because this obsession most men have with gadgets and electronics is SICK! But I also know a few women who just HAVE to have the latest technology just to say they have it. It’s a status symbol. I think men like to just play with and figure out how things works. I think women just like things to be shiny and pretty. Of course I’m generalizing, but I think there’s some truth to it.Me? I’m neither. I don’t care how shiny my phone is or how pretty my iPod is or how to program my vcr. (okay, not my vcr since I don’t use it anymore, but when I did…it was always blinking “12”) I STILL don’t know how ot turn off and on my cable remote correctly – is it “tv” then “power” or “cable” then “tv?” I don’t even really care…I’ll figure it out one day by accident til someone teaches me. The tv will eventually come on if I push the buttons long enough.Sometimes I wish I had that obsession, but then I’d be broke…so it’s good I don’t have it. To me, a phone is just a phone. If it rings, I’m good. I text alot, that’s it. But I don’t need ringtones, fancy downloads to program my dvr at the tip of my fingers, none of that. I don’t check scores or weather. I simply talk or text…or maybe check movie times. Hmmm…the more I type about my phone, maybe I do more with my phone than I think šŸ™‚ I might be getting sucked in šŸ™‚ But for now, I’ll stick to the basics…while I’m still trying to turn the damn tv on! LOL!


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