A Few Points…

I have a long weekend ahead of me, which makes me wonder if I will even get to blog tomorrow. I am working the T-Pain concert tomorrow night. While I am more fortunate than my other co-workers, who have to report in at like 8am because we have an Admissions event in the morning (and not to mention T-Pain’s bus at 9 am), I will show up at noon to take care of my normal duties then transition to the entrance manager for the show.

One would think that I am excited for this concert but I am not. I know that T-Pain has many songs (most of which are with other people) and even though I am interested in seeing how he is going to pull a solo concert. I will leave my opinion to after the show.

I keep hearing that Dolphy day was supposed to be today. I am so very sad that it not turn out to be the case. Wednesday night I thought I was in Baghdad with all the explosions of Fireworks that were happening on this block. I saw a cop car and thought maybe these kids would stop, but, not at all. A routine traffic stop….at 3am. The cop ignored what was going on around him.

Since I had heard that today was supposed to be Dolpy Day, I made sure that I prepared myself. I put the dog and his bed in the basement. Took some NyQuil, because I am sick, and past the hell out. I did hear Fireworks when I was in the shower, but I did not hear a thing last night. So I know I knocked out hard.
The bad part about all this was that I knocked our so hard that I felt it took me all day just to wake the fuck up. Not even the coffee I had this morning.


The Vet called today. Rocky’s blood work is normal. I knew it would be. I know my dog. The quack wants to see him sometime next week. She still wants that urine sample because dogs that have diabetes can get urinary track infections. Of course is not like they give you a cup. This woman is like “use a jar”. WTF? So I have to follow my dog around in hopes he lifts his legs then I got to bottle that shit

I haven’t called the other Vet yet. I may wait to see what this Quack has to say about my dog. I am damn sure going to ask her about pain meds for him.

My Dog is Sick

So, Rocky is sick. As mentioned in a post weeks ago, he has diabetes. He does struggle with it. He also has cataracts, which is an condition that is onset from the diabetes. Rocky has an inflamed eye. It is infected and due to the cataracts, he has a whole in his eye. If this sounds painful, well it is. He is in pain and we have been working with this asshole of a vet to get him antibiotics.

The Vet that we took him too was just a royal bitch. She did just about everything to make it seem that we do not know how to treat our dog. She ran some tests. Then gets on Josie for not bringing him in every month. Apparently, when a dog has diabetes, you are supposed to have him come in for a check up every month….a fact that was never shared with us. Not to mention that each visit is like damn near a hundred bucks.

Of course she questions how we get the Insulin. Well, Josie tells this brainiac that Novlin N is a over the counter insulin that any Pharmacy has. Then she is like,”Well you need a prescription for the syringes.” Again she had to be corrected. You can by needles in bulk, dumb ass. Then she tried to find out if he has any accidents. Which, he does, but not often. This bitch wants us to get a urine sample. Are you kidding? What does that have to do with his eyes? He pisses a river with no pain…there is no infection there.

So she tells us that Rocky is in pain, which just breaks my heart. Do you think she gives up anything to ease his pain? Not at all. So after $280, we are stuck with a small bottle of drops for his eyes. She recommends we go talk him to Cornell for treatment.

Whatever Doc! There is an Animal Hospital on the other side of LeMoyne (where they kept me up again last night….I swear I hate them little fuckers). There is a Vet there that comes highly recommended. I am taking Rocky there next week.

Dolphy Day

I may have to keep this one short. I am tired today. More that usual. I want to thank Le Moyne College again for keeping me awake with Dolphy Day (this is the 3rd one) last night. The moment I put my head on the pillow is when the kids came out. I think there should a day where they let all the neighbors in the community run through the residence hall at 4am in the morning on the night before Finals.

Yeah…My house is along this strip…and this happends at 3am. I so hate this school.

Why I Hate Le Moyne College…

I know hate is a strong word, but at times like these, I think it is very important. Although I work for Syracuse University, I live next to another college campus. Normally this area is really cool. It is quiet and I like my neighbors. It is a safe area and I feel completely comfortable in house. It is great feeling to have about 360 days a year.

There is, however, 4-5 days of the year that makes me want to burn down this campus. Let me start about 6 years ago. We moved into this house and everything was great during the winter and the following spring. This feeling changed when one day in April, we hear this late night commotion. There were the sounds of people screaming and car horns blaring. At first, I was thinking…oh my god, this is the “welcome wagon”.

This commotion scared us out of our sleep. I look up at the Cable Box and the time is 3:30. I run down the stairs and open the door…and I see cars of students….passing by….screaming…having fun. Are you kidding me? My wife calls to the campus police and they tell her that they will look into it…(yeah right). The one thing I notice…I am the only neighbor out here in disbelief! Not one of my neighbors are even up! No one is outside protesting this outrage! I have to work in the morning!

Come to find out that Le Moyne has a day called Dolphy Day (their mascot is a Dolphin). This is, apparently, a traditional event where students party and there are games and all this other crap. While, I realize I sound like an old man, please realize how anyone would sound when they are on less than 4 hours of good sleep. Better yet, imagine the feeling of young white college kids driving around looking like they about to lynch someone.

So, according to some people I know, Dolpy day is one day. However, there are fake Dolphy Days in which the Seniors trick the lower classmen into driving around and making noise. I am not sure how much this makes sense, but I know it makes me want to burn down the Friary (this is a Jesuit School).
Anyway, so last night was day 2. The first day was sometime last week. So now I have to be on alert. Most of the time, I can sleep through this. However, a certain little dog cannot. Any loud noises set him off. So if he can’t sleep…