Honesty is Horrifying…

Ever wake up in a mood and not know why you are in that mood? Every feel an emotion that you thought was one thing when it really is another? I think that is one of things that makes us human is the fact that we cannot even figure out what is really wrong with us emotionally. Sort of when you talking to someone and the next thing you know you are yelling at them. Chances are you have some anger hidden inside of you that has yet to be released.
For me, it is a strange feeling to wake up in a anxious type of mood. My conscience mind just cannot figure out why am feeling this way. It usually takes me all day to figure out why. Normally the answer is in the back of my mind and I am ignoring it. It just takes some sort of admission to myself of what it truly is. Either I am mad at someone and just do not want admit it or there is a situation that is coming up that I know I have to deal with, in which case, I do not want to admit it.
Honesty is something that seems to playing very big in mind lately. It has been a banner that have been flying lately and not everyone is ready for that. I am not saying that I am ready for it either, but I have no choice. Being honest begins with self. I feel that I have been lying to myself for so many years. Not just about my marriage but about my entire life. Is it possible that I have not been the person I think I am?
I cannot say for sure, but I have come to accept many things in my life. The only thing that I can hold on to is honesty. Holding on to a lie is like holding on to a small branch while sinking in quicksand. There is no way you can get out of it. As I mentioned before, people who lie to themselves are dangerous people. I was one of them. I became a danger to myself and to others that I care about. Why? Because I did not know how much my lies can hurt other people.
The best policy for me is to be aware of my own feelings and emotions. Sometimes that is hard to do. I am sure there are times people have no idea why they are mad or upset. We tend to call it stress and it is self inflicted. It does make me think about people I may run into and they are always in a bad mood. Who is to say that they themselves are not tortured due to past decisions.
All these thoughts have to with a movie I saw this weekend, The Invention of Lying. When I say that people are not prepared for honesty, is how I feel when it comes to me being prepared for this movie. Here is one of those films that is billed as a comedy and you will walk out feeling completely changed. This movie completely validates my point on how the truth will set any one of us free. You want to be honest for yourself.
The premise of The Invention of Lying is very simple: imagine a world where no one lies at all and then in that world is one guy who has the ability to lie. Sounds like a riot right? Think again. If you can imagine no filters on thoughts, people telling you exactly how they feel about you at any given moment. Can you imagine if someone you thought loved you really cannot stand you? That is almost horrifying.
What struck me the most about this movie is that pure honesty did not bother people. It is what it is and people moved on. There was no false hope. No wondering if someone loved you. People know exactly where they stood in life. This is just unfathomable to me. Where would I be life today if I knew where I stood in person’s life? However, we, as humans, have to lie. We have to play the game because we love drama so much.
So my dilemma is that as honest as I can be to myself and others and no matter how direct I can be, people will always lie to themselves and to me. It is a part of life.

Faking the Funk

There are people in this world that just cannot figure out where their place is in life. Then are those people that know exactly where their place is and are completely comfortable in their own skin. However, you have those people what their place in life should be and fight against it. The people are that I refer are Faking the Funk.

Let’s see if I can elaborate. I mentioned before that men who are assholes tend to lie. They lie because they do not want to hurt women because of a lack of understanding of the situation. What I neglected to mention was the type of man (and this can be a woman too) that lies to himself. People who lie to themselves are dangerous. They are unpredictable.

It made me think about how I am. I consider myself to be very honest. I am not saying that I was always this way. Like most men, I believed that lying was a necessary evil, not really knowing that there is alot of power in the truth. I have lied to myself several times about many situations regarding my life and my marriage. It is very true when someone says that the truth will set you free.

Being true to ourselves is very key to find happiness. It is not only the fact that being true means we know what we want, but it also means that we would to do anything it takes to get it. If we were to lie to ourselves because we are battling the pressures of what other people think, like family and/or friends, then our happiness is ultimately unreachable until we start being real. Someone who lies to self is usually a person who often seems like they are looking for something, as if nothing they currently have satisfies them. Perhaps this person moves from job to job or from person to person because they are so unsure of themselves or what they have. A person a that lies to self, at some point or another, will have to realize that they cannot keep being in denial forever.

I always laugh when I think about the phrase “Keepin it Real” because it means many different things to so many people. The true essence behind the phrase always been to just be yourself. The problem is that to some people, being themselves is either not enough or, quite frankly, too painful for them to deal with. Living a lie becomes much more easier and acceptable, which is why people who are like this are dangerous. If they can lie to themselves…then they can lie anyone of us.

If you are in love with one of these people and it ended suddenly or unexpectedly, have you ever thought, “I never really knew this person at all” Bingo. Guess who was lying to themselves and to you? That does not mean that we all don’t do it, because we do. Many times we are in denial because we rather not deal with the truth. I have seen women who really do know their man is cheating, but will never admit it to themselves (at least not until it is too late) because the truth is harsh!

But, not matter how harsh the truth is, it is the universal equalizer. It separates the weak from the strong. Honesty is a hard to thing to look at because it is pure. It is only harsh because it is attached to emotions. That is why I appreciate people who can confront me if they have a problem. It is the the essence of being real…

For those in denial it is only a matter of time before the truth come out. The questions is can you live with yourself after the fact.

Ayo word up, I think you’re fakin’ the funk – Main Source