Back it up! (Macbroke Pro)

There will never be a time when my life cannot be a thing of simplicity. But I suppose that having things complicate our lives means that we are building character. Then again, life would be pretty boring if things were consistently the same all the time. Last week was interesting for many reasons starting with my back spasms to me dropping my laptop.

Yeah. The back thing was a bit annoying to me but the laptop was devastating. It didnt drop that far or that hard but in the world of electronics, that is all that needs to happen. My woman is a computer genius and quickly ran a disk utility on it. I have seen plenty of error messages when using a PC but seeing them on a Mac is something I’m not used to. Terms like invalid record count and invalid node structure is something I needed to learn about. Of course, once I learned what they were I realized that I am in trouble.

The last thing I need is to get a new computer. I have replaced several PC laptops (without dropping them) and it gets old to red-do everything and get comfortable with the settings I have. With a Mac, I never had to worry about computer virus or clunky programs that slowed down my performance. One mistake and my computer world was rocked; a slip from my hand when I wasn’t paying attention and a drop that was less than12 inches from the ground. So now I am computer-less wondering what to do.

The most annoying thing is that I do not have a current back up. Of course, I should know better. I had just found my portable hard drive a few weeks back and I had planned on backing up everything just in case. Luckily for me I had just backed up all the writings I have been working on before this incident.

However, it is incidences like these where you can break a product and find out how good or bad the company you are dealing is. I took it to the Apple Store this weekend and I was already warned that they do not deal with data retrieval, but if the memory was easily accessible they would be willing to transfer it. I was down to by a new portable drive on the spot. But, in this case, it just was not possible. I need a new hard drive and it will cost me $230. I think that is an amazing price. I loved the fact that everything was explained to me including getting a list of place that do data retrieval as well as replacement of a hard drive. I have some investigating to do with week so I can restore my laptop to its tip top shape.

I am just mad at myself for the entire thing. I was also getting to the point of possibly getting an ipad so that I can use that for my everyday travel needs without carrying a laptop. The reason for the back issues was because I am carrying too many bags for too long. So if I can lighten my load on daily basis, things maybe better.

We will see. 

MacBook Cometh

This is my first (of many) posts in which I am using my MacBook Pro. If you are following me on twitter then this is not a new thing because I have been talking about my laptop. There is a reason for my lack of posts this month. My Dell laptop met it’s bitter end about a week and a half ago.  So I have had to replace that with a MacBook Pro.

My old Dell laptop with
battle scars
It has been a goal since last year to get a MacBook. Money being what it was, I could not afford to do it so I decided to put that on hold until the right time. I also knew that my PC laptop was on its last legs since last spring. There was several things that were not working well.  The screen light went out first. So I had to plug into monitor. Then the connections from the malfunctioning screen to the rest of the laptop broke so it was almost in 2 pieces. 
That is what I was dealing with for about 2 years. I held back on purchases because I did not think it was essential. Technically, my laptop still worked.  I just had to deal with the hardship until the time came in which I can get a new one. I really didn’t think that my hard drive would die so I guess I waited a little too long. However, I had been waiting for my Tax Refund so, I didn’t really wait all that long.
Funny thing is you never really think about all the stuff you have on a laptop. Thank God that I had already backed all my pictures on a portable hardrive. All my music was tucked away in my iPod and some of my movies were in my iPhone. My documents are all gone. However, my stories and poems are all copied in other places like email. So when I think about it, I really did not lose all that much. Well, at least nothing important.
The government finally decided to pay me yesterday and I promptly bought this Macbook. No, it is not the new one that has just come out. The SU Bookstore was selling this model (which used to be new) with a discount of $350 off with a free printer and an SU thumb drive. I could not beat this and buying it made me happy. I began to realize that this is yet another goal I can scratch off the list. I wanted this laptop for my very hopeful future at Sarah Lawrence.
First, let me say that it is an adventure to get music from an iPod to a Mac. However, I supposed that if it was meant to be easy Apple would have just came up with an app for it. So I have had to get some software for a very small fee and I am finally happy to say that I have about 99% of my songs back. This also makes very much appreciate all of my efforts to collect every piece of music I own.
Which beings me back to my thoughts. 10 years ago when I decided to leave New York City to come to Syracuse, it was an easy decision and in the grand scheme of thing, took minimal effort to move. There were no goals then. I just wanted out because I hated the direction my work career was going and 9/11 made living in the city hard to deal with. I just had to leave.
Fast Forward to 2011 and everything I do has to be a goal. The move back to NYC is becoming this epic deal that involves smaller goals being accomplished. It is funny that when I was 26, I could fly off from the seat of pants and not worry about…the future. Now, I am the 36 and future becomes something worth planning for. This may be one simple MacBook to you, but this is just symbol of what my future brings…