My Addiction…

I think I am addicted to Social Networking. It has become quite clear to me as I signed up to LinkedIn. I am not sure what it is about these sites. Each one provides something different. Some are really way though, but others are pretty good to the point that they are very addictive. So I will just give a list of all the sites I am on. (Editor’s Note…Don’t Judge Me!)

  • Facebook – By far the most addictive. I have connected with so many old friends and so many students. I do love this site. However, it has been growing old on me. They keep changing the layout. But, every time I think I am getting tired of it I get a message from an old friend.
  • Twitter – This moved up quickly to me because so many people use it. I do not follow any of the celebrities, but I do love the quick updates that people give. Right now this is the most addictive to me.
  • Blogger – A no brainer here. I blog everyday…and I do mean everyday. It is my own personal soapbox that I control and I have met some cool people who always comment! (You know who you are)
  • Tagged – I joined this one a few weeks ago. This a what a site would look like if Facebook and Myspace got together and had a kid. Not a bad site. I am not so addicted to it though.
  • Myspace – This used to be my joint! I was on this site all the time. I just lost all its sexiness to Facebook. I have been on that site in weeks.
  • Adultspace – This is basically Myspace…but naked.
  • LinkedIn – I am actually liking this site. This is a site I can find people I know and look for a job! Hey, I am not gonna be at SU forever.
  • Migente – This is blackplanet (which I am not on), but Latino. I was into this site along time ago. I visit every once in a while. But, it just doesn’t do it for me.
  • Yahoo 360 – This is ok. I joined because I have a yahoo account, but it is quite wack in my opinion.
  • I have kept an account on these sites because you never know who you might run into. I do not normally erase a profile. I do have some on sites I rather not say due to personal reasons! I think social networking can be fun, until they get boring.

    I know there are other sites because I still get invites. Maybe I will check them out. But, one thing is for sure, I do not pay to Social Network.


    This is not my official post for the day, which means I will write another one by the end of the day, but I wanted to mention again that I am adding my old blogs to this site. It makes me a bit nostalgic at times and sad at others. But, I find it interesting about where my past writings have taken me. I can attribute the gaps in my blogging to the different issues in my life.

    The one thing that i have noticed is the I still talk about my place in this world which is a good thing, at least I am consistent. I would say that my writings, particularly anything after 2006 are so raw. I channeled a lot of anger and frustration in my blogs. I remember not being able to write blogs at half the length I am writing them now. The type of language I use is also very different and I think it is because I have become a mature blogger. I no longer feel the need to curse in my blogs (of course, if i am tight…then we will see).

    My blogs are also still out there on Myspace and on Xanga. I also had a page on Blogger many many moons ago. I think I have everything but, we will see what I come up with. I wont add everything I have because some blogs are so short there just simply is no point. I do also intend on spell checking any past blogs. I have issues with spelling mostly because I type really fast when I am in my “zone”.

    Been Awhile…

    {Originally Posted on Myspace}

    Yeah so, it has been a while since I last wrote a blog. So here are some random thoughts:

    I have been mad at my job. But I wont get into that. But, I will say that it has never been harder being Latino in a predominately white workplace. So, I will leave at that.

    Things have been ok though. My trip to NYC was good. Went to a Met game which was great! David Wright is the man. I drank way too much! Then I got this fat hair cut (which is all gone now). That cut was so tight that I threw out my clippers when I got home. I can never duplicate that. So now I am on a mission to find a barber up here. I do have a few leads. I am going to go get a cut this weekend.

    I went to a play called Beer for Breakfast (please check my top 16), starring the ever talented, Ricardo Maldonado (check my top 16). Please check it out, although, I dont know when the last date of the play is. Oh, if you are not in NYC, then you cant see the play and are officially, ass-out.

    I saw the Al Gore movie, An Inconvenient Truth. Powerful shit! You need to see this movie. We are all gonna die soon! I wish I could laugh about it but it is true. All you people who dont think it is not a coincidence that we got all this rain and flooding is fooling themselves. Manhattan will sink before California breaks off…and Syracuse is on hill, so am I chillin…lol.

    Can someone tell me exactly when old school music ends? I am thinking 1992. I say that because Low End Theory from A Tribe Called Quest should definitely be condsired old school. But Das Efx and Redman who came out that year shouldnt be. Plus, 1993 is when Wu Tang Clan came out and as much as I love me some WU Tang, no way are they old school.

    Ok, who really cares about Tom Cruise and his fucking kid? I dont. Shit when Will and Jada were having kids we heard nothing about that. I guess the media dont want to focus on black children unless they are looting in New Orleans.

    For those who have asked, my I-pod is fine. I do have to take it in to be looked at though (wtf) because when you plug it into a computer it is supposed to charge. Well needs less to say it does not. Can they make anything right? You know Microsoft is coming with something to compete with these FU-Pods? Well they need to hurry.

    Last thought, who really has 230 friends on myspace? I mean, I am not hating even though I got like 67. I makes me laugh cause I did not think I KNEW 67 people.