Why I Joined Twitter…

I was reading a E. Payne’s blog about Twittering. I have been going back and forth about weather or not I should indeed be “tweeting”. I never realized how many people are actually talking about this thing. About a week or so ago I wrote about blog about my need to get more readership. In the end, I mentioned Twitter. Then I saw this, which was on E’s Blog:

After seeing this, I thought to myself. There is no way I am going to tweet. I am not a loser or anything like that. Then I realized that E is on Twitter and he is not a loser. So may be there is something to to this. I had to think about this further. What seemed to be the very next day after I saw this, I was watching the Today Show…

Wow…so needless to say I became very interested and saw the rest of the segment…

After watching this, I was still not entirely convinced. I am really not trying to follow any celebrities because, quite frankly, I don’t give a shit about them. I just want to do me. Sure, I guess I can see which of my friends are on there but that is what I have Facebook for. Really, why would I want to use Twitter just to put up a status message?

That is when a Yahoo! buddy of mine, who also has a blog, told me that she promotes her blog through Twitter. She was able to explain to me how she networks her blog through Twitter, with updates and conversations that she has had with her followers.

Readership! That was my thought. So I jumped on it. If I can use this to my out then so be it! Come check me out: http://twitter.com/Latinegro

So, yes, I have “twatted…”

Don Imus! Yeah, I am tired of it too, but…

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I was watching the Today show and Matt Lauer asked a question that was emailed to him. I found it distrubing but, I really want to know what other people think of it. (I attached the link to the intervew)

Is free spreech the right of everyone except white people?

The fact that someone could honestly ask this question, shows alot about how they feel about being able to say anything. I would like to know what you all think about this. I havent fully gotten my thoughts together, but I will and then I will answer this question myself. Please let me know what you think.