I am Worth It.

You know…people may shake their head at Lebron James for making this free agency a spectacle. I am one to believe that he should not put himself before the game. But step back and look at what he is doing. This whole show has very much to do with what he perceives to be his worth.  All these teams are courting him hard in hopes that he will sign under their team’s name. Sure, call it an overinflated ego, but he thinks he is worth it.

So on that same token, why do we not believe in our own worth? Why do we take the bullshit that life gives us when we know we deserve something better? Is it fear that we may end up in a worse situation? Are we not worth the risk?  I think we are. In fact, I am worth any risk.

Sure, I have made mistakes in my life, but who hasn’t? I challenge anyone to tell me that they have lived a mistake free life to come and tell me that I am not worth everything that I desire. We are all human we are not supposed to be perfect. We are worth more than the stress and the drama that we allow in our lives. Just think about what we allow to happen to us. We allow ourselves to be treated like shit by people who think they know what we are worth. They take us for granted because they feel we that we cannot do any better or that out loyalties are so deep they we will not find something better.

I am not saying that we need to start cutting off people who do not appreciate us (although it is a start) or quit jobs that keep us underpaid. What I am getting at is having the awareness to know what is happening in the world around us. We allow things to happen to us based on our own low self worth.

We should all be so lucky to have the world as our stage to announce in a hour special that we got a new job or that we are in love with someone. Sure we can go to Facebook to say all this but sometimes people are not very genuine and will do things to flaunt their egos. But, as someone who has spent the majority of his life searching for something and in the process thought that he was not worth very much…a little ego is a very good thing.

I am a great guy. I have a big heart. I can be very nerdy at times and I can be very silly at others, but you will always know what you are getting from me. I work hard and I play hard. I am a lover and fighter. I come to realize that I do not give up on things that mean the world to me. I do not live in the past and I am always thinking about what I can do to make my life in the present and future better.

I have always said I am on a journey. There is not doubt in my mind right now, that I will get where I need to go. Why? Because I believe in myself and I believe that I am worth the trouble. For those who do not believe that will only come to realize that they are wrong. Maybe that sounds a little full of myself, but if I do not believe in myself and my value…who else will?

We are all worth so much more that what we getting right now. I guarantee it.


March is almost over. I am so very surprised by this. It has been a pretty long month. Usually, these months fly right by, but since I have blogged everyday, it makes me actually stop and look around. Otherwise, I might just say how fast this year is going.

The economy is still bad. Which makes me wonder how long it will before we start thinking this is the norm. One of the things I use to say in my old blogs was that the ghetto is expanding. While I meant it in the way of the Hip Hop culture taking over, I feel that now with more and more rich people being broke, well the ghetto is starting to expand.

What will the rich white people do? The ones who gained all that wealth on the backs of others? The ones who never worked a hard day, what will they do? I know they wont be picking grapes. They will be cleaning rooms in hotels. So what are they going to do? Perhaps they will make tent in a middle of big state park and call it Tent City.

Money is the root of all evil and we know this. While, it is unfair to point out every person who has lost jobs and money, you have to consider that for most people who live paycheck to paycheck and have riding the poverty line, not much has changed. Their economy has always sucked and life goes on.

I have been fortunate to still have my job and I know that. I hated working for corporate America and I may just add to the archives the blogs I wrote on how bad it was. While money can be good and used for good things, in corporate America, if you are not about making money then you are not valuable.

We are all valuable! Each and everyone has value. We are a part of the consumer market. So we have value. But the problem is that only a certain percentage of us have the power to control who puts value on us.

Losing that Positive Charge…

Sometimes I get into these funks, in which I just feel down and not in a depressed sort of way either. In a way that the world seems to be on my shoulders and no matter what I do, I can’t seem to win. Of course, not that life is about winning or losing, but usually winning is a metaphor for being on top. So, I guess I would rather be on top of my problems or stresses than to be on the bottom.

I do consider myself a positive person with streaks of negativity here and there. I generally look at the brighter side of things. I always get up in the morning in a good mood because I know that it is a start of a brand new day. It is what happens within these days that can turn my spirits from good to bad.

Things that get me down can be anywhere from a stressful day at work to an argument with my wife. Generally, it is just fighting the fight everyday. Getting people to understand that we all have value in this world, which goes way beyond financial resources. The fact that someone like me can never truly be at the table to stop systemic issues that benefit the many and neglect the few. Then there is always the issues of finding my place in this world. These things eat away at the very fiber of my positivity.

I am like a battery filled with positive energy and like any battery, the more it gets used the more energy it loses. Sometimes I lose my charge. Thus regaining it in the morning. I guess you can say that today I lost a lot of my positive energy. Which is alright, I am not complaining about it so much. I know that when I put my head on the pillow tonight, that I will charge overnight.