I Promote Divisions?

I am not a crime-fighter. I am not a super hero. I am man with a vision and goal. When one does the anti racism work that I do then one will know that some people misunderstand words and phrases because those who operate within the fabric of the system do not see the birdcage for what it is. It becomes difficult to explain that despite whether or not one may believe that words like “white privilege” is real, it becomes even harder to deconstruct the belief that there is a system of advantage that other have been born into.

As I look over the landscape of the Latinegr@s Project, I do see how I got here. There are a number of people who are glad that we exist and we promote ourselves and the education of others. I am not making this up when I say that more slaves ship landed in Central and South America than it did in the United States. Yet, Latinos refuse to see how they fit in to Black History Month and some African Americans do not even understand that we are closely related in more ways than just sharing project building space.

Michonne is a major
character within the series.

I have been told more than once by more than one person that the things I do and say promote division and that perhaps I am drumming up controversy for the sake of getting attention. I disagree. I am very open in my opinion and criticism of all forms of oppression when I see it. It is not my fault that a company like McDonalds decided to air commercials of African Americans dancing while eating chicken. I cannot possible be the only one who has an issue with this. I have the right to express that and the right to say that The Walking Dead comic book has more Black people in that the television show.

This is not me whining. This is me pointing out things for others to digest. The beautiful thing about living in the United States is that I have the right to say anything I want and others have the right not to listen to me. But, if one is to engage me on any one of these topics, please understand that I know what I am taking about. I did not coin the phrase White Privilege, you can thank Dr. Peggy McIntosh. She is a feminist and white woman. She coined the phrase because believe it or not, it exists! So much so, that there is a conference about it.

Which brings me to this idea that I am promoting division amongst people. That is absurd. Divisions of people already exist an yet no one wants to discuss this. It is like saying this makes it real and being quiet makes it all go away. I promote education and pride within people. We all need to hold and adhere to what we are and what our culture is because it will become lost. I also point things out because there are a plethora of ignorant people out there. Think about Linsanity that has take over New York and just about any sports channel.

I don’t think this is funny.

Here is a story of a guy who got cut by thee NBA Teams and then lands on The New York Knicks only to become an overnight icon. This is something that we would normally see in the movies. Jeremy Lin becomes the most popular Asian man in the United States since Bruce Lee. The best part about this is that he was born in this country and yet we see the ignorance of people come out. ESPN fired someone because of it. Not to mention the random things and pictures I see on Twitter that I do not consider to be funny at all. The sad part about it is that black and brown people alike make stupid ass racist comments. I guess 400 years of oppression give us the right to push others down?

Which leads me to my final point about the Matrix. Morpheus said it best: The Matrix is a system, Neo. That system is our enemy. But when you’re inside, you look around, what do you see? Businessmen, teachers, lawyers, carpenters. The very minds of the people we are trying to save. But until we do, these people are still a part of that system and that makes them our enemy. You have to understand, most of these people are not ready to be unplugged. And many of them are so inured, so hopelessly dependent on the system, that they will fight to protect it. That system, my friends, is the system of Oppression.

I will let Tim Wise take it from here:

Fair-weather Knicks Fan?

I have been waiting to write this post for a few weeks now. It turns out that there have been a few changes in the NBA that has caught my eye. The New York Knicks are relevant again. Not only are they a playoff team but they now have star power. The type of star power that raises ticket prices and gains national attention without accomplishing a thing in the playoffs. Right now it is good to be a Knicks Fan.

Of course there comes the natural debate of real fans versus the bandwagon fans versus the fair-wheather fans. Once the Knicks acquired Amare Stoudemire they became a team to watch. Knicks fans young and old united to cheer for a team that has not won a championship since 1975. It is awesome to see many people on twitter and facebook talk about how the Knicks are back. However, I would see, every so often, one person or another talk about how all of a sudden the fake Knicks were coming out the wood work.

I remember taking exception to this on more than one occasion because I know that my “sudden” interest in the Knicks may have risen some eyebrows. While I do not pay attention many of the things people say, sports in many cases is just as important as politics for men. Questioning one’s affiliation for lack of one can be the cause of fights and with the passive aggressiveness of some people on twitter, I feel that I need to make it clear right now on how much of a Knicks fan I am.

During the 80’s when the Lakers and the Celtics seemed to win everything, I remained a Knicks fan. It was easy in those days to love Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers. Perhaps it was just as easy to follow Larry Bird and the gritty Boston Celtics. Those were the only two teams that seemed to matter when I grew up. But, I was stead fast with following the Knicks. I remember Bernard King, but I also remember when Patrick Ewing was drafted.

I witnessed the wars in the 90’s when it felt impossible for the Knicks to ever get past Michael Jordan and the Chicago Bulls. I watched the Reggie Miller vs. Spike Lee game when it seemed that he would not miss! I saw when John Starks went 2-18 in Game 7 of the 1994 NBA Finals. I rooted for the Knicks when the Miami Heat became a heated a rival. I watched in horror when Ewing missed that layup against the Pacers. I cheered uncontrollably when Larry Johnson completed the 4-point play….and I could not bear to see the Spurs dominated the Knicks in the 1999 NBA Finals.

Being a Knick fan is not easy, much like a Mets fan. I can get disgusted by both ball clubs. When the Mets were horrid in the 90’s with Bobby Bonilla, I could barely watch. When management got serious and acquired Mike Piazza in a trade with the Florida Marlins, I knew that things were looking up. So yes, I followed the Knicks from afar for many years because I feel the Knicks did Ewing wrong and the team just fell apart as if ownership just did not care.

For more than a decade the Knicks were just bad. Isiah Thomas was a joke. Where was the heart? Not to mention that the NBA itself, in my opinion, just seemed to change with all the rule changes and it seemed a different type of player emerged after the Jordan era. The media was looking for someone to replace him. In any case, the Knicks were no longer relevant and when ownership doesn’t care, the fans don’t either.

So when the Knicks made a plea for Lebron James last year, I think most fans woke up because it seemed that someone in the front office may have cared that there is basketball in New York. The signing of Amare brought most of the fans back. I doubt most of us expected a championship caliber team. We just wanted a team who can compete and make the playoffs. No one thought he would be this good. An All-star starter?

Then the unthinkable happened. A dream come true for this Syracuse University Alum. The Knicks pull off a trade for Carmelo Anthony. Now, we can all envision a deep advance into the playoffs, maybe not this year, but soon. Of course, you had those who complained about giving up to much, but those complaints have fallen by the waist side.

Which leaves me with my original point. I am not a bandwagon fan. Perhaps, I am a bit of a fair weather fan (even though I went to some Knicks games when they were bad), but never question my affiliation. The New York Knicks had a way of hurting their fans with bad moves and horrible decisions. Some people who remember the Ewing years just couldn’t deal with the losing. But, it happens….and now the Knicks are back. So are we, the fans. Deal with it.

Dick Riding Lebron

Is there no dignity left in people anymore? For years I have been trying to figure out why I have stopped being so into the NBA. Sure, I am a New York Knicks fan and probably the decline of that franchise has much to do with disdain for the sport, but I love college basketball. I think I has to do with people trying to be larger than the sport. The fact  the people are begging Lebron James to come to their city is just so distasteful to me.

Lebron James right now is not the king, Kobe Bryant is. He has won no championships and his move to another franchise does not guarantee one. The fact that people are making websites and personal pitches is ridiculous to me, especially New Yorkers. It is almost like people are worshiping a false god and it should really stop. New York has to realize that they are not getting Lebron so dick riding is not cool.

The problem is that he thinks he is larger than the game. It has become very apparent to me. At one point, I thought he would be the savior that the NBA needs, but I don’t think that is the case anymore. Don’t get me wrong he a fantastic player but he has nothing to show for it. The issue is that people are looking for their personal Michael Jordan. The person who will win multiple rings in a row and restore glory to their team. I get that but, let the owners and the GMs do their jobs. To see these people march in parades and have shows for him is absurd.

Basketball is a team sport and you will need more that just one person to win. Much like baseball, and New Yorkers know this well, you need to have the right people surrounding your best players in order to make it through the playoffs. The Knicks do not have that…he will not be the Derek Jeter we need in basketball. Why? Because Derek has never made himself larger than the game.

Michael Jordan was built up to be larger than the game by the NBA and Nike. The reason why this happened is because he brought it every night..and sure he talked a lot of trash and destroyed the Knicks every chance he got but, he was that good. He backed up all the talk.

Sure maybe Lebron is the chosen one…for the right price (and if you promise not sleep with his mom). But the whole way he is trying to corner the market with his free agency status will put him quickly on my athletes to hate on list. If he was a simple person he would just work on getting Cleveland a championship.

So while you are all dick riding Lebron, I will patiently wait for the NCAA Basketball season to begin and watch true desire take the floor.

The Chosen One

It is no secret that I do not care for the NBA. Well, not anymore. The game is not as I remember it. I consider myself a Knick Fan. Back in the Ewing days, there was nothing better than to cheer for the Knicks. Even if they did get beat by the Chicago Bulls every year, New Yorkers believed that we were going to eventually get over the hump and win the NBA title. Clearly that has yet to happen.

But somewhere between Micheal Jordan retiring and Patrick Ewing being let go, the NBA had changed for me. It seemed the rivalries had left. There were no more surprises to me anymore. The refs seem to be controlling the game…and after the last ref admitted he fixed games, it just wasn’t real to me anymore.

Sure the NBA has players like Kobe and Shaq, and that time they were both on the same team. Things just seemed like championships were inevitable. For that I could watch the WWE and have a lot more fun.

However, there is one man that I would pay to see. One man that I would actually watch play this game. That man is Lebron James. He has a kinetic energy about him that electrifies the sport. Lebron has the winning instinct and the attitude, along with the skill to keep you on the edge of your seats.

See, I am not a Kobe fan, never was. I think he is arrogant and a pompous brat. He ran away teammates and coaches. When he didn’t like what the Lakers were doing, he would pout and say “trade me”. What really gets me is that he is compared to Michael Jordan. That comparison should not even be made.

Of course back in the day i hated the Chicago Bulls. They beat the Knicks all the time. But, I could never fins myself hating Jordan. I just couldn’t. He was too good and at the time we all knew he was the greatest player to step foot on the court.

Which is why I like Lebron. To my knowledge he is not compared to MJ. Simply because he is Lebron James. There is no one like him. The Cleveland Cavaliers have shaped this team just to fit Lebron. He is very unselfish and can just take over the game.

Now, I am not rooting for the Lakers. Quite frankly, I hope they lose on the way to the NBA Finals. However, I think I would love to see the Cavs and the Lakers in the finals to watch these 2 guys play each other.

I think you know who I will be rooting for…