Latino Sexuality

I am so mad. I was looking for a picture to highlight yesterday’s post. I type “Latinos” in my Yahoo! search and click on images. I find 3 pics in the first page of two guys fucking! What is up with that? How does looking for images of Latinos translate to men having anal sex?

What I do not understand is the stereotyping when it comes to Latinos and sex. There is this lingering thought that most Latinos are homosexual in one way or another. Not to mention that if they are indeed gay, the guys are the most flamboyant. I get most of this imagery from what I see on television or the movies. So, I am not sure where this is all coming from.

Of course all these stereotypes get played out in pornography. While I am not familiar with male on male porn, the imagery I saw was enough for me to guess that there is Latino playing in many of these movies, or someone to pretending to be one. In terms of women, they are portrayed as insatiable women that love girl on girl action as well as anal sex. I am no where trying to give a lesson on Porn, but I think that it says a lot that a particular group of people are viewed in such slanted way when it come to sex.

Which brings me to my next point, all people of color come across as oversexed in mainstream media. Whether it is the imagine of black men with huge penises or Asian women who pay this submissive (and they like it) role, there is this overall theme that we all loved to be fucked. Not say that is not true, but think about this in a Colonial sense.

There were two ways that the Spanish Conquistadors or English Settlers (depending on the region) can get rid of us “heathens” was to kill us or breed us out. While killing us worked on so many different levels, the sexual domination that was trying to be enforced was much more fun for them. One has to remember that back in those times sex was considered to be the devils work if you not married. So the fantasy of our women “liking it” blossomed into this oversexed ideology.

So where does this leave us? Coincidentally when I did the same search in Google, I did not get those images. So, I am not even sure what that means either…


As much as I tried to write my blog tonight, I have been distracted. My mind is just cluttered with thoughts of sex. The idea of just have sex is enough to stop me from doing what I want to do. What makes this difficult is that I have really spoken much about the topic here on this blog. Maybe because I know people who read this.

The title of this site is “Inside my head”, yet I think about sex most of the time and never talk about it, so is the title of this blog false advertisement? I thinking it is. So I will talk about how much I think about sex. I was thinking about creating a whole separate site, very much like this one, to blog about sex. Maybe I would call it “My Head Inside”. That is not a bad title!

Every man thinks about sex, so I am no different. I love women and I think most are very beautiful. I am, however, very picky when It comes to women. The ones that stand out in my mind are the ones who have the most charisma. I need to be able to joke with you and you need to laugh when I make fun of other people.

The body helps. I do not like skinny women. I think that most thin women look sickly, sorta like Olive Oil. I am very much and Ass man, but a health chest is very…helpful. I will say though, different women have different body types, so swagger is very important. So is self confidence.

Anyway…distractions….see, this how I get. There is something about sex that just shuts down my brain (maybe lack of blood flow to that region). But it is not women on tv who do it for me so much. I like real women. When you see a nice one…then that can distract you.

I hope I got my point across, I think I was beating around the “bush”….lol

Lets Talk About Sex

I have been blogging for a long time (although not a frequently as I am now) and the one subject I have not talked about is sex. For those who really know me that may seem a bit odd. But, I feel that sex is one of those subjects that can be very vague and almost all encompassing. Yet, it can be almost too easy to talk about. So, I find myself talking about subject that I feel are a little more difficult to articulate.

This is not a subject that I have avoided because I am afraid to talk about it. It is just the opposite. I can talk about sex all day. I would be lying if I said I didn’t think about it because I do. Let’s face it, I am a man, it is what we think about the most. The problem I have with blogging about sex is that the subject too broad.

Sex is more than just talking about positions and actions. It can be about sexual preference or orientation. Or, I can joke about it, and say that I do have sexual preference and love to be orientated whenever possible. But see, to me, that is too easy. I have never been the type of guy to talk about sex with my male friends. There are very few males that I have discussed the physical act of sex with. I am just not comfortable with it.

Then are the roommates that I have had that have heard pounding their girlfriend into the wall. Well that is what it sounded like to me. I didn’t feel like getting into that subject. I wasn’t sure there was much to talk about. Do I ask about technique? Or do I ask if the wall needs to be re-plastered?

In any case, I believe that sex permeates everything around us. It is on the Internet, it is on TV, in magazines, it is what we wear, and of course it is what we do…or for some people, what we don’t do. I am always shocked how prudish this country can be when it comes to sex. Yet, just about everything we see and read has some sexual innuendo. However, people will be up in arms when you see a nipple on live TV, but you can see the crack of some one’s ass in a Jay Z video.

Even though we are prudish (we as in America…not me), I do feel that with all the images in the media we have become a bit oversexed. I say this because of the fact that I have read and heard about many women who are just not satisfied with the man they are with because he is going for self. This could or be directly related to women being objectified. I know when I was a kid there weren’t any video hoes.

My point is that talking about sex can be a grand task. There is a lot more to sex than who is doing who.