Latino Sexuality

I am so mad. I was looking for a picture to highlight yesterday’s post. I type “Latinos” in my Yahoo! search and click on images. I find 3 pics in the first page of two guys fucking! What is up with that? How does looking for images of Latinos translate to men having anal sex?

What I do not understand is the stereotyping when it comes to Latinos and sex. There is this lingering thought that most Latinos are homosexual in one way or another. Not to mention that if they are indeed gay, the guys are the most flamboyant. I get most of this imagery from what I see on television or the movies. So, I am not sure where this is all coming from.

Of course all these stereotypes get played out in pornography. While I am not familiar with male on male porn, the imagery I saw was enough for me to guess that there is Latino playing in many of these movies, or someone to pretending to be one. In terms of women, they are portrayed as insatiable women that love girl on girl action as well as anal sex. I am no where trying to give a lesson on Porn, but I think that it says a lot that a particular group of people are viewed in such slanted way when it come to sex.

Which brings me to my next point, all people of color come across as oversexed in mainstream media. Whether it is the imagine of black men with huge penises or Asian women who pay this submissive (and they like it) role, there is this overall theme that we all loved to be fucked. Not say that is not true, but think about this in a Colonial sense.

There were two ways that the Spanish Conquistadors or English Settlers (depending on the region) can get rid of us “heathens” was to kill us or breed us out. While killing us worked on so many different levels, the sexual domination that was trying to be enforced was much more fun for them. One has to remember that back in those times sex was considered to be the devils work if you not married. So the fantasy of our women “liking it” blossomed into this oversexed ideology.

So where does this leave us? Coincidentally when I did the same search in Google, I did not get those images. So, I am not even sure what that means either…

Sunday Ramblings…

I have been going back and forth about what I wanted to write today. I get distracted easily and this is very much a lazy Sunday. I wont mention that today is one of the biggest sporting events of the year. Since I have already spoke my peace about the Super Bowl already this week, I will not delve further into it.

So, what do I write about? How do I come up with the subjects on this blog? I do not have a set schedule that is for sure. I just get this feeling and then I start typing.So I sat around today watching movies. I ended up watching Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins, College Road Trip, and Desperado. Clearly I was not interested in the 9 hours of pre game show over on NBC. There was also no intention to watch Martin Lawrence in 2 straight movies either. I am the type of person who just puts the TV on from the last channel on which is was set from the night before and go on from there.

Anyway, I was going to write about family because that was what the first 2 movies were about. But, that gets too complicated for my family. I come from a large extended family of cousins, aunts, and uncles. While I can share a whole range of stories, I will pass on that (for now at least). I guess I wanted to stick more to the theme I have set so far with this blog and that is the view of Latinos.

Let me preface this by saying that I love Desperado. The action, the comedy, the sex (of course). Not to mention the ever lovely Salma Hayek. Anyway, it made me think about once again what is the typical Latino look like. In a previous blog, when I mentioned the stereotype of the hot Latino lover and for some reason I think about Antonio Banderas. In the some of the roles I have seen him play, there is the sense that he is dripping sex. There is just an image that he manages to portray. I am sure there are other movies he is that he is not portrayes as this stereotypes such as, The 13th Warrior, but he does play a Muslim man who love god.

So where does that leave me? I made a funny comment on Brook’s Blog which I said that I blame Marc Anthony for what the image of a Puerto Rican male was, so does that mean I should blame Antonio Banderas for our oversexed image? Perhaps. I may have to reflect further on this. I will also say that the lack of (skin) darkness in this movie is not surprise because clearly Black Mexicans do not exist.

Ok…enough of my soap box rantings. I am off to watch the Super Bowl.

P.S. Jennifer Hudson looks so beautiful tonight singing before the game…she amazes me.

What do I look like?

Once a week I facilitate a group on race relations with students. We talk about different issues that face people of all races. While that conversation is completely confidential, I will tell you that there was an exercise that makes me think about my own place in this world.

In this exercise we are to list 3 stereotypes that are identified with your own racial group. So for me, I need to list the stereotypes that are most common for Latinos. After a discussion on that, list we are to think about which stereotype, if it was ever possible, would we want to get rid. So in basic terms, I would pick the one that hurts the most and if I could make disappear from human vocabulary then I would.

The 3 I listed were, lazy, oversexed, and gang banger (not in the good way). For me picking the stereotype of lazy is a no brainer. I think that there is clear thought in the minds of many that Latinos are lazy and always late. The funny thing is that in the same breath, one would make jokes about Mexicans outside of Home Depot. The oversexed stereotype was something I have heard about Latinos being like the “Latino Lover”. I equate this to movies when you see the “tall dark and hansom” Latino man that sweeps the white woman offer her feet with his flowing jet black hair and his accent. Then there is the Gang Banger. This is the typical representation of the Latino Male that we see in a lot of movies with the bandanna, the long sleeve shirt that is only buttoned at the top, with a plethora of tattoos.

The sterotype that I chose to do away with is the lazyness. I look at how hard my father worked and how hard my mother worked and they are far from lazy. I could span the entire length of my family and maybe come up with 1 person that was lazy. But even then that is such a stretch. I also find interesting that people of color (Latino and African Amercian in particular) can be considered lazy when most of us have spent years in bondage building up cities.

What I have been ever fascinated with is what the American view of Latinos are. If you look at movies alone, then you do not have a great view of what Latinos are. You may think that we are all Mexican for one. Clearly nothing wrong with being Mexican but it is hard to shake that when the white majority sees you all in the same light. But, then we get into the discussion of what does Latino look like?

Yesterday, I did the 25 random things that have spread through Facebook like a virus. One of my old friend’s participated in this and I found one of his noted to be very interesting.”Nobody thinks I’m Puerto Rican so I don’t know what a Puerto Rican is supposed to look like.” That just floored me because in many of my ways he is my opposite. We even joke about one of my previous blogs about Dark Latinos that he understood the whole notion of not looking Latino. In a seriousness, is there a measuring stick? But he did joke and said we were the Puerto Rican Ebony and Ivory!

Sure, I can give a history lesson on how the Spanish Colonizers, who were white, “discovered” Latin American and killed off 90% of the native population and replaced them with African Slaves. I could also talk about the remain native population intermixing with the Africans and while some were raped or worse by the Spanish. Sure I could go there and say that is why Latinos are all different colors…but why do that? Because if that was the case then…we would be considered part Native American…or worse…BLACK!!!!!!!!

Look, I love my black skin. Nothing wrong with being black clearly! But sometimes being black gets this bad wrap. Like there is something wrong with it. I don’t get it. But you know what… I saw some thing the other day that will prove to you that Black is not bad…

Black is in baby! Have a good weeked (although I will be here tomorrow)