The New Normal

Source: via Flickr

This is the new normal. I feel like I’m watching the world from inside a box and everything outside of it is on fire. I don’t want to think about the doom and gloom of it all but for the second time in my life, I’m witnessing a paradigm shift as its happening. I remember what life was like before 9/11 and it was a different world. Once this whole thing is over, we will say that we remember the pre-COVID-19 world.

Honestly, this is almost equivalent to Thanos snapping his fingers. We cannot get back to the time before and fix this. We will look back and hopefully see what it was that got us here. Sure, we can go into the political nature of our government being ill-equipped but this seems like something more. Our world is in crisis and has been for some time. As humans, we have abused resources and taken advantage of the environment.

I’m not an environmentalist in any way so I won’t get into Climate Change even though I believe in the science. I also won’t get into the biblical implications of what might be happening right now but I will say that God probably did not intend for the Garden of Eden to abused by Adam. What I do believe is that we are a part of a larger universe filled with heavenly bodies called planets. Those bodies, like everything else, live and die. Even stars, much like our Sun, are born and will eventually die.

Our Earth is a heavenly body that is alive and we have abused her quite like a virus. Like most organisms that get sick, their bodies create defenses that cure the virus. Look, I know that I have quite the active imagination but it is not far fetched for me to believe that humans are a virus to this planet and she will defend herself accordingly.


This is not me saying that we deserve this. I am sure that there are enough God-fearing folks around reciting Revelations 6:7-8 or Ezekiel 38:22. What I do believe is that humans do not care enough about each other to realize that we can all be taken out by the same things. It doesn’t matter how rich you are or how much political clout you have. However, what matters are the actions of those who can make a difference and we are seeing systems fail due to political loyalty. What good is that loyalty up against the coronavirus?

I’m also not a medical expert and I cannot say that I know the origins of all viruses. I know that they attack the human body and if we are lucky enough, over time, we gain some immunity to it. This whole ordeal is terrible and is only getting worse but I would love to think that in a post-COVID-19 world that we are kinder and more cognizant of how we treat each other and the environment. I know better but that is my hope.