Are You Ready for Some Football?

Wednesdays are my late days for now at work which sucks, but hey, gotta get paid right? I wanted to break a bit from the norm because quite frankly, just about everyone is talking about the Super Bowl. I am not much of a football fan, I am all about baseball. However, I do follow the game because I do participate in Fantasy Football every year. Anyway, it is that time of year where we all go party at a friend’s house.

I am not too excited about this years match up. The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals. I guess if I had to pull for a team then I would pull for Arizona for 2 reasons. The first is that I always love rooting for the underdog (except for when they are playing my team). The Cardinals have not won a championship in my life time, so that qualifies them as an underdog in my book. The second reason, well my brother is a Steelers Fan. So, the best way to get back at the one person who always picks on you…root for the other team!

Other than that, I could careless about the game. I was hoping the Eagles would have done something more but that didnt happen. Hey, it could be worse…Dallas could have made the playoffs. The Cowboys are on the list of teams in professional sports that I Hate. For those interested in that list, I will list them by order at the end of this post.

I am looking forward to the commericals! That is my highlight. I always like to see the new advertisements that make me laugh. Actually, I think this year we should play a drinking game. Every time the phrase “4 Hour Erection” is mentioned, a shot of tequila is consumed. What really sucks though is that the halftimes show are not what they used to be. Ah Janet… That was the greatest Superbowl ever. I don’t even know who won! Well, that is not true, I won. I got to see Janet’s…eyes.

I digress…

Lets get to this list of teams I hate (in order).

New York Yankees
Philadelphia Phillies (Sorry Brook)
Los Angeles Lakers
Dallas Cowboys
Duke Blue Devils
Atlanta Braves
Miami Hurricanes

Georgetown Hoyas

Sorry to upset people…but it is what it is…

Car Wars…

{Orginally Posted on Blogger}

Well, I seem to be getting daring at my age. For the second time in 5 years I decided to go to a Midnight showing of STAR WARS EPISODE II. Of course, I was blown away by this movie. It was all that (trust me me it was). The sad thing is that it is now 8:30 am and I am DEAD! I had to be at work today at 8am. The movie was like 2 and 1/2 hours loooooooooooong. Dont get me wrong. I enjoyed it. I am just paying for it. I did not go alone. My loving woman went with me. I should mention that she gets grumpy when she is tired. So if you do the math….that is like 4 hours of sleep. WoW. In college, I could have 4 hours of sleep and be moving like a bat out of hell. Now I am more like an old man in a walker.

So, have you have seen the look on someone’s face when they think they about to get there ass whipped? Well, I had the unfortunate pleasure of seeing it twice the other day. Both within minutes of each other. Jo and I are going to the mall the other day (Her nail was chipped…which means all 10 fingers have to be re-done). We normally park in the underground garage. So she drives down the ramp and the car in front of us is moving kind of slow as if the drivers is unsure where he is going. Then he backs up! So, Jo does not move at first becuase he stopped and then went foward. Then he backs up again! So she is using all the four letters words you and I can imagine (some multi-letter words in spanish too) and she puts the car in reverse. Of course she does not see the other car on the ramp ( because we are in an L shape corridor) and bang. I thought I heard a crunch.

So Josie gets out of the car! I am staring at the asshole who backed up who has parked by this time ( This dick was going for a parking spot). He is looking our direction like “oops did i do that?” So she is yelling at this lady. “Did you not see me back up?” So the lady mumbles somthing (she thought she was about to get whooped!). Jo gets back in the car and we look space. I shoot this guy (who is actually some teenager) a look like I was in OZ. She parks and we look at the car and it is only a scratch and the teenager comes up to us. “I am so sorry” (please don’t kick my ass). When we see it is a scratch we are no longer mad becuase we thought it was going to be a dent. “I am sorry” (please….dont make me your bitch). So told him not to worry about it. She was more angry about the woman not seeing her. Even called her a “stupid bitch” to her face (you just have to love her). This kid looked like he was going to cry. That must have been some look I gave him. I must have gave him that Puerto Rican stare. That hot blooded look “Chingate Cabron!!!!!!”