Tidbit Tuesday

About a week ago, I thought about some themes. I am introducing Tidbit Tuesdays. I consider these to be Mini Blogs. These are things that are too short to post in a normal blog. I have done this before. Now I am making this a weekly thing. Enjoy!

Star Trek

All I can say is wow. I am not going to review the movie because I think so many people have seen it by now. There are only certain moves that I can say “wow” too as I am watching it. This movie definitely made me do that. I am very impressed by the character development and the overall direction of Star Trek. I am quite sure there will be tons of sequels!

This may be a movie I see a second time. Perhaps in Imax! I have never seen a movie in Imax. Perhaps on my trip to NYC, I will do that…

New York City

Speaking of NYC, I am going down there the last week of May because my father is getting married for the 3rd time. I am actually quite surprised by this. I cannot tell you the countless amount of times that he has told me that he will never get married again. I am truly happy for him and for my step mother. I have been calling calling her step mother for quite some time. Let’s face, they have been together since I was in High School, so it is about time.

There was a small issues with the date in which they were going to get married. Based on a commitment from work I could not go with the original date set, which was 5/26. So I tell my father this and they were trying to work something out. I thought this was a firm date. But then that commitment fell through weeks later and I just took the rest of that week off. Come to fins out they switch dates on me to 5/22. So now I have to come down after work on 5/21.

Joe Biden

For those who don’t know, the Vice President was up here at Syracuse University giving a speech during the Commencement ceremonies. I was lucky enough to be in attendance since Josie did graduate this past weekend. It was very surreal to me to be in his presence. This is the first politician (that I voted for) I have ever seen live and in person. It was almost this larger than life feeling.
His speech was on point. He talked about his Syracuse days as a Law Student and then talked about the vision of America the he and President Obama share. Normally, when you go to a commencement so early (we were there by 7:50), you expect to fall asleep at some point, well it was not meant to be in this case. I was awake the entire time. I really enjoyed listening to Joe Biden speak….and he did not put his foot in his mouth


I do not watch all that much television. What I do watch is Baseball, ESPN, and shows that I tend to DVR (Lost, Heroes, Biggest Loser, The Office, etc). I tend to fast forward through commercials anyway. However, when I watch the Mets play, I have to watch the commercials. There are a few that are really amusing. Heineken seems to do a very good job at providing some good laughs about their product. I believe that if you really want to get your name around your commercials need to memorable and funny.

I don’t like Heineken. Not a fan of their beer. But there commercials make me laugh:

Someone needs to pay the people who write these a lot of money! Have a good one!

Are You Ready for Some Football?

Wednesdays are my late days for now at work which sucks, but hey, gotta get paid right? I wanted to break a bit from the norm because quite frankly, just about everyone is talking about the Super Bowl. I am not much of a football fan, I am all about baseball. However, I do follow the game because I do participate in Fantasy Football every year. Anyway, it is that time of year where we all go party at a friend’s house.

I am not too excited about this years match up. The Pittsburgh Steelers and the Arizona Cardinals. I guess if I had to pull for a team then I would pull for Arizona for 2 reasons. The first is that I always love rooting for the underdog (except for when they are playing my team). The Cardinals have not won a championship in my life time, so that qualifies them as an underdog in my book. The second reason, well my brother is a Steelers Fan. So, the best way to get back at the one person who always picks on you…root for the other team!

Other than that, I could careless about the game. I was hoping the Eagles would have done something more but that didnt happen. Hey, it could be worse…Dallas could have made the playoffs. The Cowboys are on the list of teams in professional sports that I Hate. For those interested in that list, I will list them by order at the end of this post.

I am looking forward to the commericals! That is my highlight. I always like to see the new advertisements that make me laugh. Actually, I think this year we should play a drinking game. Every time the phrase “4 Hour Erection” is mentioned, a shot of tequila is consumed. What really sucks though is that the halftimes show are not what they used to be. Ah Janet… That was the greatest Superbowl ever. I don’t even know who won! Well, that is not true, I won. I got to see Janet’s…eyes.

I digress…

Lets get to this list of teams I hate (in order).

New York Yankees
Philadelphia Phillies (Sorry Brook)
Los Angeles Lakers
Dallas Cowboys
Duke Blue Devils
Atlanta Braves
Miami Hurricanes

Georgetown Hoyas

Sorry to upset people…but it is what it is…