First Draft Complete!

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I was up late last night. Its what I seem to do these days. Last night was a little different. I just kept writing and when I looked at the time, I thought to myself that I just need to go to bed. My sleepy walk to the bathroom lead me to think about  what I just wrote and as  I began to brush my teeth, I was hit with a revelation: I think I just ended my story!

Immediately my sleepiness turned into a excitement. I’m not sure I have ever brushed my teeth with such excitement before. I got back to my laptop and I read the last paragraph and there it was, the ending. I have a hard time describing what that feeling is like, but the very next thing I did was write some more. I needed to iron out some final details before I could just go to bed.

I know there is a lot of editing in my future and I’m looking forward to it because I get to read pages I have not looked at in months. I also think that this is the time for me to really have fun because now I can go back and add things knowing how the story will turn out. I am a big fan of foreshadowing. At the same time there is a small twinge of fear because I absolutely have no idea what is going to come next. I have no idea how many drafts it’s going to take me and once complete who knows what process I will have to go through to self publish.

What I do know is that I have another story brewing in the back of my head that is connected to this one and I would like to get to that soon. I also know that I have an unfinished novel that I start several years ago that I should get back to. It’s funny how now all of a sudden I have all these things that I need to do after the fact, but I am loving it all the same.

I’m just glad I have people that continue to support me. There are people who have already done what I have done and I will be connecting with them to avoid the pit falls of self publishing. But more importantly, this second draft will be something I will pour my heart into so that in the end, I get to tell the story I want in the way I want to. Right now everything is raw that I can pretty much say that the second draft will take me as long as it has to to complete.

Finally I can say two things about this book:

When people asked me what the story was about, I had a hard time articulating the plot. Now, I can for sure tell everyone what the story is about. The book is about a man who is coming to grips with his divorce while trying to come to terms with the true love of his life. Bang. I am not sure I could have said it any better. I may need to copy and paste this shit and put it on twitter. lol

The second thing I can tell you about this book is that I do have a title. I have had it for weeks now but I didn’t want to release it until after I was done with the first draft. The book with be called, Hanging Upside Down. I have enjoyed writing it and trust me that this story has everything. I look forward to completing this process so that you can all read it!

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