Damn Dogs…

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As I write this, we are in the midst of our first real snow fall. Sure we had “dustings” every now and then, but we now have some serious white stuff. Which brings me to my first story. I want to reiterate how fucking prissy my dogs are. Lets start with, “I Dont want to get my paws wet”, Rocky. On a dry day, this dog with lolligag and frolic in the grass. He will take his sweet ass time and make a “signs” on the grass like you see in the Movies (The Mel Gibson flick if you are really slow). On a wet day, he will go fast. Piss and shit then run back in. On a Snowy day….This dog practically lets it all loose in record time. But what is unique about his snowtime walks is that he tipi toes…I did not know a dog could tipi toe…or tipi paw! Then he looks at me like “help, my paws!!!” That is how he walks in the snow.

The other dog, who is still a puppy, is Rusty. Fine this is his first real snowfall. Took him out. He did not want to move. Looked at me and said (in eaxct words) “I aint going in that shit” Then went limp on me. Now to give a brief desciption of what kind of house I live in, We have a set of two staircases that is connected by a small patio on front with an awning. So he pissed on the patio…so no yellow snow for him. So I got my wife to take some pictures of this. I threw him in the snow…(that is what I did with King Rocky)..he hates it. So of course he just sits there. No shit…Nothing! So we take him back in and take a guess what he did. I wont even say it…fucking dog.

Well, just when you think I can handle the noisy neighbors from upstairs…I get the ones downstairs…and Next door. Now the guy next door is cool. He plays his music a little too loud, but that is ok. He is the MAN, He can really nail his girl friend. All I can say is she came…enough said on that. Now lets talk about the Mecca people down stairs. What the fuck!!!! They must be fucking a camel or something. They are just as bad as the village upstairs. (I still think they are fucking the little guy up there). The other night must have been “Ghandi Night”, because all I heard was just talking from alot of people. You know they cant whisper….1:00 am and they are yapping about rubbing the bhudda. My wife was pissed.

Since we are on the subject of my lovely wife, I want to commend her on getting another Univesity job. She is working for the African American Studies Dept (again). But this time it is a permanent position! Of course she still works at Layne Bryant which is cool. Which bring me to my story. Credit is a hard thing to aquire for me. I have been trying to build my credit for awhile. I have been turned down by the finest of establishments for credit. MasterCard laughs….Visa makes cruel jokes. But I was finally able to get a card!!!! Where you may ask? LAYNE BRYANT!!! My wife felt that I couild get credit where she could not. So I get to buy bras and panties on credit. WhoopDeeDoo! I dont know how I got this damn card, but I think the creditors of this world are probably laughing it up.


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Yes, it has been a long time. I have been busy since school has started. Things are going well. The apt is secure. I have a new camera and things are great. I can tell you that stupid people still populate the majority of this county. The ghetto seems to be spreading and the damn radio plays the same songs every hour. Well I do have my own office with no windows. That is a good thing, so I don’t see how much snow is on the ground. I have more responsibilities, so I am here all the damn time. Well i can tell you that my new apt is going well too. New couch too. See, i figured i would talk about the good shit first so i can go directly to the bitching when I am done. I have also increased my computer game knowledge. I am in a Literati (Yahoo Scrabble for the lay people) league. So i get my ass kicked for fun. The Yankees lost again!!!! So i am loving that.

Ok, to the bitching…I love my apt. But that shit is lopsided! I feel like i am in Batman(1960’s) with the tilted camera view. I can’t even weigh myself right. I get a different number every we move the scale. So i don’t know if i lost 1 or 50 pounds. The fridge door swings open if u don’t close it all the way. This is some shit. Speaking about shit, My new dog, Rusty, loves his shit. I should stop wasting money on dog food….and what get me is that we don’t give him that much water either and he pisses a fucking river. So of course in a tilted apt the piss runs downhill. I should just paint the floor yellow. Damn dog!!!

I love my wife…I really do. She at one point had two jobs. One here at SU and another at Layne Bryant. She has quit her job at SU because she was working for a real fucking witch. I wont say her name I will just call her “Broom Hilda”. So Broom Hilda was very abusive and would yell at her and do all kinds of stupid shit. So one day she just quit. Told her to ass-ride the broom she flies on! Anyway when she started to work for Lane Bryant, (which was the same time she started worked with Broomy) she found out that she gets 55% off of clothes. Cool Right??? Try $700 worth of clothes! and she got it for less that $350. Cool Right??? Guess who had to carry that shit….and lose all the hangers….and the space….Did i get anything??? Sure i did…some panties.

His Name is Rusty!

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So much has happend this past month.It got to the point where I did not want to even write about all this stuff. But, in the end I realize that it is truley theraputic. Well first off I wanted to say that I got a new dog. His name is Rusty. This dog just loves Rocky. He is about 3 months now. He is small enough to fit the pocket of my fleece sweater. Not that I tried! It has been hot!. Softball Seaon is over! I struck out the otherday. I was sooo pissed. I threw the bat in frustration. I know you are dying to figure out what my average is….But I wont tell ya! (.312) I am not that egotistical.

Well…the bad news is. Our apt was broken into the otherday. I know it sucks. Jo’s jewlery was taken and so was my Digital Camera.I am still pissed off. this happend about 2-3 weeks ago. We did not even notice until the next morning when my wife could not find her jewelry. All of it was gone. It took us awhile to account for everything. They even took my 2 dollar bill. HOW DO YOU TAKE A TWO DOLLAR BILL? Thank God for Renter’s Insurance. Well, you would think i would get better…2 days later my neighbor gets his computer and shotgun stolen. Yes u read that correctly! A shotgun! Appretnly he is sometype of hunter. I guess he was waiting for Wabbit Season. So to make a long story short. My Landlord is getting us a deadbolt lock for the backdoor (the Police said that that was the place of entry).

Anyway, lets get off that subject….It is way too depressing. So we are driving down the street last Saturday morning. We see this Black dude walk out onto the street doing his thang. You know…doing the ghetto strut. He had cornrolls…deniem shorts….white tanktop..and a toothbrush in his mouth! Just brushin away. This cant be normal…and the things is…there was no toothpaste….unreal. Before I go….I want you guys to check this out.