Tidbit Tuesday

Returning to NYC?

During my last trip to NYC, I failed to meet with my mother. It is not like I didn’t try. I wanted to surprise her before I came back to Syracuse, but she wasn’t home. So, I ended up talking to her a few day ago and I was informed that my uncle is throwing something for my cousin and his fiance on Father’s Day. Clearly, I am invited.

I have several issues with this. It is on a Sunday, which means I have to drive back shortly after this thing. I am so not sure why my uncle would chose Father’s Day to do this, but I wont go there. Gas cost money and I spend a lot of money on my last trip so to go down again? I am not so sure. What I do like is how my mother goes from asking me if I am going to assuming that I will be there…again we will see.

Taste of Syracuse

One of the few things that makes Syracuse bearable is the summer festivals they have. One in particular is the Taste of Syracuse. This is when all the local restaurants set up tents downtown and serve samples of their food. Of course there is plenty of beer and music to go around as well.

I did enjoy myself, but that only last for a little while. Having a square fully of people can get on my nerves. Not to mention people who are only there to drink and smoke. I was waiting on line for some lemonade and there was this nice lady behind me that had a double stroller with her 2 kids. The guy next to her decided to light up and smoke. The had he held the cigarette with was on the same side the kids were on so smoke an ash were going in their face.

So the lady tells this guy about himself and what he is doing. He just shrugs her off. This pissed the lady off and she leaves the line. I am like dumbfounded. The guy had, what appeared to be his woman with him, and she says..”that is why u get a baby sitter”. Who says that??? This bitch, who looked she should be grateful to even get dick because she so ugly shouldn’t be talking. I was not happy. Now you see why I cannot be here.

NBA Finals

I am so not happy with these finals. It is not that I am not a Laker fan or that some would deem me a Kobe Hater. It is the fact that Orlando is so damn wack. It has really been a long time since I started caring about the NBA. I haven’t really watched Pro Basketball since the Knicks got destroyed in the NBA Finals by the Spurs. However, I did keep up the the finals over the past several years.

Maybe it is because I still feel bad for Lebron James. This is a man who is trying his best to be a leader and still cannot win. It is so much a similar feeling to me. he has so much passion and drive and the pain in his face was so evident when the Cavs last week. I feel his pain in so many ways.

Then he gets criticized for not speaking to the media and shaking hand with Dwight Howard. I mean really? Let it go people. He is young, and sure he will make mistakes, but do not question his class because he made a mistake in judgment. I wont lie, I am the worst sore loser. I hate to lose. We live in a society where everything is about winning. Losing hurts a lot and when you feel you have lost everything, you can feel someone else’s pain.

Prepping for New York

I am ready to just get out of here. I was in NYC in March for the Big East Tournament and I had a very good time. Since then, it has been a bumpy ride. Stresses of work and personal life had lead me to this point.

As usual, I have so much to do in such little time. I am spending 9 days in the city. While that sounds like a lot, it really isn’t. With all the friends who want to hang out and all the family I need to see, those 9 days will probably fly by. So, I have some highlights of things I would like to do. I would like to get all things done, but we will see.

  • I would love to go to Citifield to catch a Met game. They are playing 6 times within the time I am there. I would like to go to one game. I am not sure how much it will cost me yet and I am afraid to look right now.
  • I wanted so see a movie in IMAX, but I just found out that Star Trek will not be playing when I get down there. I guess I could try Terminator: Salvation.
  • I have not been to the South Street Seaport since 9/11. I would like to see how it looks. I have always liked the view from there.
  • I was invited to lunch at Chinatown! Here is another place I have not been too since that long walk on 9/11. I have never eaten there either. So I think I will have fun doing that.
  • Every Year around Memorial day there is Stickball Tournament in the Bronx. This year they are recognizing my father for being one of the founders of the league. I cannot wait to see how it is they will recognize him.
  • I will actually go see my mother. She kind of convinced me to see her in our last conversation, so we will see how that goes.

I am pretty excited about coming down. I know that list is a short one and I plan on expanding it the more I think about it.

Health Issues

Yesterday I decided not to have any coffee. I have been feeling much better since my doctor told me to cut down on the coffee and drink more water. Of course, this means I use the bathroom more, but that general uncomfortable feeling I was having is pretty much gone. I had a pretty decent time with staying awake at work, but I started getting a headache toward the evening. So once again he is right.

Curious enough though, I was reflecting back on something he asked me about my parent’s health. He had asked me if there were any updates with my parents. Did something happen that he should know about. I told him no. My father is fine. He is doing quite well actually. My mother…well I don’t really speak to her all that much. So I just told him what he wanted to hear, because in actuality, I really do not know.

I wont go deep into why my mother and I have issues, however, I will say that one day we may have to talk about shit…again. Anyway, my brother called me yesterday. We seem to know the exact moments to call each other. I will say to myself, damn I have to call Marc and he ends up calling me. So, with the general topic of things we discuss, I find out my mother was hospitalized like a week or 2 ago….

Pause. Yes, I know. You would have called me when it happened. Despite the fact that we have issues, I think I should have been told too.

The story is that she wasn’t feeling well. So she sees her doctor, who is amazed after taking a blood sample that she is even conscience. Her blood sugar was over 800. To most people that is a diabetic coma. She has kept her self in such good shape that she was able to not fall into one, so says my bother. So they had to keep her overnight at the hospital.

Being that Josie has diabetes, I understand the 2 different types. So I ask him what type of Diabetes was she diagnosed with? “I dunno”. WTF? All he knew was that she was given pills, which suggests to me that it is Type 2 Diabetes. Clearly, I do not know for sure. So it means that I will have to call her. Not that this is a bad thing. It will just be awkward.

As for me, I am trying to get my physical condition to where in needs to be. Monday I was on the treadmill for 45 minutes and my legs are still feeling sore. Yesterday I played 4 games of Racquetball. If anyone has played this, then you know that this is quite a workout. Today, I will go back to the treadmill. I was very tempted to go to Burger King yesterday, but my Twitter peeps told suggest something else. I had Sushi. I will need to diligent.

Oh..and I did have coffee this morning from Dunkin Donuts. Very watered down coffee and does not compare to Starbucks. However, I am not willing to die for it.