Lessons Learned Vol. 2

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I did the first one about a year and a half ago. I wanted to revist that, so here are things I learned over the past year as 2007 closes…

If a cat crosses in front of your car…HIT IT!
Airbags hurt…alot.
Never underestimate the power of friends.
Streaking in January is never a good idea……
neither is 7 coronas before the fact……
or directly after
Fiding a Wii is like the search for the Holy Grail
Amazing things happen when you smash your LCD Screen
Cloudy pool water is gross!
When Mexicans ask, if you want bug spray…say YES!
Airport lay over suck
Slot machines are evil…so is High School Musical (1 and 2)
Never try to catch a flight less than an hour before departure
Never get a gay man and a Puerto Rican woman drunk at the same time..
No matter how much it hurts…always root for your team (Lets go Mets..ok and SU Football too)Squirrels are the fast breeding animal in Syracuse
Wine comes in plastic bottles!!!
Never ask a person how they got a new album (especailly if its not out yet)
I am in LOVE….with my snowblower


{Originally Posted on Myspace}

Basketball…that is all I can say. 2006 is over and it time for a change for me. I have joined the YMCA and it is a healthier living for me. I am glad Josie and I have done this. With her diet I am eating better. However…Oreos are evil. I love them. I don’t think that Eve gave Adam an apple; she gave him a double stuffed mint Oreo. It did not take long to gain my endurance, but damn, these kids are young and the older people are built like a brick shithouse. But, I maintain. I am not as good as I used to be, but I am playing for the exercise.

American Idol has started and while I don’t really follow it as much as I used to I have to admit I love the auditions. I enjoy the rudeness of the judges. Shit, if you suck then you suck. Well Kenneth Briggs…this kid sang like crap and Simon said he looks like a monkey and um…he does.

You be the judge. http://www.realitytvmagazine.com/blog/images/bushbaby_idol.jpg

So of course he is on The Today Show wining about how Simon disrespected him. So he says that in all the seasons he has watched American Idol, he has never seen Simon attack someone personally. What??? Were watching the same show? He called Frenchie Davis fat. So yadda yadda, he is personally offended. You can’t tell me no one in Seattle called his ass a monkey. Lord knows if he lived in NYC, he would be working at the Bronx Zoo (yeah I said it).

Go see Dreamgirls. You will not be disappointed. I have never been into musicals. I can tolerate Grease and Westside Story is the bomb, but this movie is off the hook.

Winter is here. Let me tell what pisses me off…people with SUVs. The big ass trucks that people drive because they think it will just plow threw snow. Well I drive a small car that gets me from point A to point B. I had this lady the other morning stare me down because I was driving to slow for her. I guess the snow falling had no effect on her Batmobile. I am noticing I am suffering from an acute case of road sarcasm. I wouldn’t call it rage, like my dear wife has. I like to slow down when people are tailgating. Then, I may say something like…”I hope your balls fall off.” You don’t want to know a substitute when it is a woman driver…

Finally, my New Years Party was good. I have plenty of blackmail pics that I have no intention on publishing. But, I do have plenty of liquor left over. People left at 5 am!!! Damn.