Winds of War


I know I have been quiet lately. Too many things to think about with a less than enthusiastic attitude to write about the same things over and over again. But I need to begin with something that I have always thought about when I was a kid. Only the people in my generation and older would know what the Cold War was like in the 80’s before the Berlin Wall came down and the old Soviet Union was dissolved. Nuclear War was a reality in our minds.

While I never had to go through the bomb drills that my parents went through, I still had a very healthy fear of a full nuclear strike. I was convinced that hatred between the United States and the U.S.S.R would one day boil over and the cockroches will end up ruling the earth. There was always something going on that the US needed to be involved with and yet there were either scandals like Iran/Contra or the fact that we allowed Iraq to use chemical weapons (and Ronald Regan is the greatest president to some people). I never understood the need to be in such conflicts when poverty is so rampant around our own country.

Yesterday many people celebrated the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. Many people spoke including President Obama. I respect the legacy and the significance of Dr. Martin Luthor King Jr. and this date, but I was not exactly excited to hear anyone speak. The fact of the matter is that the progress of equal rights for all has been slow. We are often under the illusion that things are better when statistically things are no better or maybe even worse than the civil rights era. So we can go ahead and live in a world where things seem OK when things really aren’t.

Now we stand on a brink of another war. A war that really has nothing to do with us. We Supesvoted for a change and what we are getting are speeches about change. I feel foolish now because so many times in the past I have talked to my students and colleagues about global citizenship and how social media has made the world smaller and yet we are still operating in the age old notion of colonialism where we teach the natives to behave for the benefit of the world. Meanwhile, the word around us is being distracted by the appropriation of a twerking Miley Cyrus in a gentrified Brooklyn.

I am also quite sure that there the though of the United Stated being the heroes who came in to save the day. Leaders of the free world that come swooping in like Superman to save Lois from Zod with no real recognition that the battle will destroy more than it saves and in the end we all wonder why we even paid for any of it (Yes, I am still bitter about the movie).

Where is the dream? Where are the little black children holding hands with the little white children? Dr. King was a well known pacifist that knew wars lead to the poor heading out to battle. These days, the Armed Forces will pay for college if you give them a certain amount of years of service and of course there is a nice check to live on assuming you can get rid of your PSD. I don’t recall that part of the dream where we invade other countries in pursuit of justice especially when justice doesn’t seem to exist much at home.

It is just one of those things…

This economy is absolutely nuts. I had a conversation with a former student last night and she told me she was laid off on Tuesday. I am like…damn. How are they gonna lay you off on Inauguration day? It made me think that perhaps we do not do enough for our alumni. I can say this because as an alum (of color), I don’t feel like I get the royal treatment.

Anyway, I feel somewhat bad about how people are losing their jobs and homes. On one hand, I look at the (formally) wealthy people and think about how many people they needed to step on and over to get all that money. The ridiculous mansions that they live in, that are cleaned by people that look like my grandmother. They lose there jobs and homes and I am supposed to feel bad? I am not so sure. I view it at as the economy balancing the wealth. The rich becoming poor? I am not sure Jesus would feel bad…lol.

On the other hand, I look at the people who are effected by the housing crisis. Those people who got caught up in some housing scheme, in which their rate went from 5% to 15% in a matter of months. I feel bad for those people because I know how excited I was to buy my home. It doesn’t help that gas prices went up or the fact that food is rising in prices. Have you seen the price of rice???? Arroz con Pollo is like mad expensive to make now!

Well, enough of that. Clearly I am happy Obama is the president. I spent most of the morning trying to find the right background image for my work computer (Alicia Keys is on my laptop…sorry Mr. President). I came up with this one . Surprisingly, it was hard to find pictures of the many inaugural balls, but then maybe I really wasn’t look good enough.

Well, this is my first blog in a very long time. I used to blog when I lived in NYC in 2000 and 2001. I have a few blogs on Myspace, but I don’t really do the “myspace thing” anymore. But, I have been looking at some bloggers that have made me think about writing again. So, with that I want to thank Brook for her blog. I will try to update my page in general (like when I am not working…shhh).

Snow Dayz

{Originally Posted on Myspace}

I was so tight this morning. First I want to mention that since I have bought a snow blower 2 years ago it has snowed a total of 5 times until about 2 weeks ago. Of course, 3 weeks ago, my garage door broke and I cannot open it. Which for those you who are housless means I cannot get my snow blower out…or my car in! ( I used to laugh at people who had to clean off their car everyday…I hate karma sometimes). The snow hasn’t been that bad, yet. So, I plan on testing the fates and getting the door fixed. If it stops snowing after that…lord help me.

Back the reason I was mad. I am driving to work, and of course it is snowing. I normally do not drive fast in the snow becuase I have a Toyota Echo and when I am on a hill or in the snow, I am pretty much going nowhere fast. So this black lady in her ugly ass Lexus (yes, i am hating), cuts me off!!! I had to bite my finger to stop all the things I want to say about her and her body parts falling off. Well, I did say something, but this is a family show.

Sigh…what is this word coming to? A woman, a black man, and a latino man are all running for president. I mean I think it is great, but shit who will I vote for. I am too used to white men running this country. I think white people are scared…and if you dont believe me, look at all the shows or movies that have black presidents in them.

First example…the movie Deep Impact. Morgan Freeman was president. Can anyone tell me what happened? A @&#!ing asteroid its the earth! What kind of shit is that????

Second example…the television show 24. There is a black president, Wayne Palmer. In episode 4 of THIS season, a nuclear bomb goes off in California! WTF???

Remember when Bush campaigned 3 years ago, he said that if we dont vote for him we would get hit with all these terrorist attacks. Imagine what Obama’s opponent will say??? Vote for blackie and we will all die in a hellstorm of Metors and Nuclear Explosions…damn.

Oh, Happy Birthday Jose…(dont mean to be mad on your day…ha ha ha)