That Crazy Life!

This NYC life is crazy. Many people ask me if things have changed since the last time I lived here and at the moment, all I can say is no. Perhaps the fact that I have visited the city enough to understand its evolution over the last 11 years. The main thing that has changed has been the names of stores but that is the type of evolution that comes with cities. People come and go in the big city and so do businesses.

Transit seems the same to me. No matter how fancy it gets with it’s metrocards and computerized announcements, mass transit will always remain the same. There will always be someone asking for money in between stops. There will always be some delay that will hold up your trip. However, buses seems to have changed. They are bigger and come a little bit more frequently than I recall. I will admit that even though I am stating this, I am not in the Bronx waiting for the ill timed Bx 39.

Yet this life is crazy because there is now so much to do and not enough time at the moment to do them. If I thought I was busy in Syracuse with work, being at Barnard is only busier due to all the stuff that I am learning and doing. Days are flying by and I just realizing that this is the end of my second week work AND I left SU 3 weeks ago. That is crazy to me.

If there is one thing that I am struggling with, it is this thing that I have deemed “Parking Wars”. Every few days (expect on weekends), I have to move my car because of alternate side of the street rules. For those not familiar, the city cleans the streets on certain days at certain times. If you do not move, then that is a ticket for you. If you park in place you are not supposed to (like in front of a school on school days), then you will be towed.

This is should sound all very simple if not for the fact that I live in a city where parking is like gold. Not to mention that they are multiple ways to lose this war. There are days when alternate side parking rules are suspended. Those days are normally holidays but more frequently is it Jewish holidays that last two days. Most Jewish holidays mean that public schools are off. I emphasize most because if you make that mistake (like I did) thinking that Sukkot (a Jewish Holiday) meant that all schools were closed, then your car WILL be towed (like mine did).

I wont event talk about how people squat parking spaces for others. There is one lady that thinks she is slick by holding her spot for this guy (again, I am NOT getting into it) Despite this crazy life, I am doing well. I will figure out the car situation. For better or worse, it is a reason to get up early in the morning sometimes. It also gives me a reason to drive since I do not do that as much.

The craziest thing so far has been a surprise welcome back party thrown by former students of mine 2 weeks ago. That took me for such a loop. I never saw it coming. It was nice to see these young adults now having to deal with life outside of school. We all left at a decent time because they had to work the next which I cannot help but smile about. It is crazy to know that I have an established network here.

I wont consider myself full settle until November. That is when this NYC life will finally settle in for me.

Gates of Hell???

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Man, I have so much to talk about. I will start with what everyone seems to be talking about these days, Fahrenheit 9/11. I have not seen the movie yet, but I do plan on seeing it tomorrow. There is only one movie I have been dying to see and this is the only movie I planned on watching this summer and that is Spider-Man 2. I know, that’s sounds so immature…but I don’t really care. I grew up with Spider Man, collect his comics, and have been watching the first movie just to prepare for this one. So Michael Moore can wait to get his money. I already know that I am not voting for Bush.
Anyway! What a weekend I had. I got utterly blasted. I tell ya, each time I drink Corona, it tastes more and more like water. Shit…it is the same consistency, because it goes right through me. Well, this party was better than the one that was thrown for me. The reason for that is because of the all day karaoke! Now I am normally not into this, but I will say one thing…enough Corona’s will get you into anything! I found that out in Cancun.

Yes…This is Rick (Rico to you) and I performing “Roxanne, Roxanne”. We keep it real and we only perform in Wayne, NJ or Syracuse, NY.

Well, I have an update on the Parking Nazi situation. I wrote a nice, discreet e-mail to the director of parking services. He called me back to tell me that we will void the tickets. How phat is that? I should call up my 3rd grade English teacher (Mrs. Pressley) and thank her for showing me how to write a business letter.
Ok, weird occurrence of the entire weekend (not me singing). We took a student (Angie) with us to the Garden Swap (New Jersey) so that she can take the train to NYC. So as we are waiting for her train to arrive, 3 white kids come up to us. One asks us if we knew where the “gates of hell” were. WTF? We told them that we did not know and they went on their way…but what the fuck is going on in New Jersey? Is it so polluted that the gates of hell can now be found? Well, I did some research…and the gates of hell are not in NJ (which would not surprise it if was), they are in Russia. I can’t make this shit up if I wanted to…

Parking Nazis

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Well, if you know anything about Syracuse University, You will know that there is certain departments that live to bleed you dry of money. It does not matter if you are student or staff. Parking Services (or Parking Nazis) has got to be the one area that must have a quota on writing tickets. I don’t really mind if I get a parking ticket…9 times out of 10…I am prolly in the wrong. But, I got 2 tickets in the mail last week both $25 each…for failing to stop at the gate! WTF?
Let me explain something to the layperson that knows nothing about SU. There are parking booths that the Parking Nazis call “gates”. Next to those gates are stop signs. So you are supposed to stop so they can either write you a pass or confirm that you already have a pass. Well, as a staff member, I have a pass…that I pay a lot of money for (and for what? I have to take a bus across campus to get to my building after dropping my car off at a parking lot). Most times, if you have a pass…the parking attendant will wave you by.

Anyway. I get these two tickets, that were written LAST MONTH, about how I (and i quote) “made no attempt to stop at gate or any stop signs”. The best part is I got 2 of these fucking tickets. The other one says I was going at a high rate of speed. If that is the case…how do you get my license number and know that I have a pass? Secondly…why not call Public Safety on my ass if I am burning rubber on campus?

Well I plan on appealing it. So I go to the website and I read the appeal process. So check this out…you can only appeal a ticket 14 days after it was written…they wrote the 2 tickets in MAY…. I got them LAST WEEK. So…I plan on appealing with a copy of the post-marked envelopes…I am not payin because I always stop and wave at the “gate”. I got more to say about these people…but I wont.

All this and the Mets play the Yankees…I hate the Yankees. Especially A-Rod. I am sure him and his lover Jeter have tons of fun in the locker room (yeah…I said it…so what…diary of a mad Met Fan).