The Day of the Devil

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The day of the Devil huh? I am sure that many people are nervous that 6/6/06 is here. I wonder why that is. Scared of true evil perhaps? What is true Evil? Is it Middle Eastern insurgents fighting for what they believe in? Is it Homosexuals who are just trying to make a living while trying to be happy with their lives? Perhaps it is a power hungry President that lets thousands suffer in New Orleans? I am not sure. However true evil does exist. As much as people talk about Jesus being in each and everyone of us, there are people who have Satan in them. I wont get into specifics, but you all know evil when you see it or hear it. Truly evil people can manipulate others to get what they want. Evil takes place everyday. It has a place in history, but most cant see it.

I am not trying to preach. Please, I will be the first to admit I am 90 percent sure I am going to hell (lol). But, that does not make me evil. What I want to say is that while people are quick to judge others, there is only one being that has the right to judge. Let me also remind all of you that the bible has been rewritten so many times, how can we really know what it truly says or means? Only 200 years ago was the bible used to enslave black people. 400 years ago was it used to slaughter the Native Americans. So before you really judge for yourself what evil truly is, think about whom you are judging.

Just Some Thoughts…

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Well…well…well. The Yankees got swept by the Mets. I don’t think I need to say more about this subject.

How fast is this summer going? It is already July, which mean that in a few short weeks the students will be coming back. So, basically I need to get all my rest now. Once the middle of August hits…rest and relaxation goes out the window until December.

First topic. Bill Cosby. I have to admit, the old man makes some sense. My only problem is that he is all talk. You can criticize black people all you want. What are you going to do about? I dont think that him having a show called Fatherhood on Nick at Night is going to cut it. Lets face facts, people of color have no one to follow like they did in the 60’s. There is no Martin Luthor King or Malcolm X. Who are people going to follow? Cliff Huxtable? Seriously, He makes good points…but points don’t do anything for people who need guidence.

Second Topic. Kerry and Edwards. As much as I like to think that this is the end for George Bush, I have a bad feeling that he might pull this shit out. He has incredible spin with the press and with most of the wealthy white americans who really rule this country. I want these two to impress me. To dazzle me. I think John Edwards is the best thing to happen to the democrats. He can speak and get his point across without being overly negative. The problem is…George Bush is gonna fight dirty. He knows that he lost the popular vote 4 years ago and he is going to pull out all the stops. I, for one, want his ass out. Bring back Clinton. I would rather have a president that gets a blow job than a president that has no idea what he is doing.

Gates of Hell???

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Man, I have so much to talk about. I will start with what everyone seems to be talking about these days, Fahrenheit 9/11. I have not seen the movie yet, but I do plan on seeing it tomorrow. There is only one movie I have been dying to see and this is the only movie I planned on watching this summer and that is Spider-Man 2. I know, that’s sounds so immature…but I don’t really care. I grew up with Spider Man, collect his comics, and have been watching the first movie just to prepare for this one. So Michael Moore can wait to get his money. I already know that I am not voting for Bush.
Anyway! What a weekend I had. I got utterly blasted. I tell ya, each time I drink Corona, it tastes more and more like water. Shit…it is the same consistency, because it goes right through me. Well, this party was better than the one that was thrown for me. The reason for that is because of the all day karaoke! Now I am normally not into this, but I will say one thing…enough Corona’s will get you into anything! I found that out in Cancun.

Yes…This is Rick (Rico to you) and I performing “Roxanne, Roxanne”. We keep it real and we only perform in Wayne, NJ or Syracuse, NY.

Well, I have an update on the Parking Nazi situation. I wrote a nice, discreet e-mail to the director of parking services. He called me back to tell me that we will void the tickets. How phat is that? I should call up my 3rd grade English teacher (Mrs. Pressley) and thank her for showing me how to write a business letter.
Ok, weird occurrence of the entire weekend (not me singing). We took a student (Angie) with us to the Garden Swap (New Jersey) so that she can take the train to NYC. So as we are waiting for her train to arrive, 3 white kids come up to us. One asks us if we knew where the “gates of hell” were. WTF? We told them that we did not know and they went on their way…but what the fuck is going on in New Jersey? Is it so polluted that the gates of hell can now be found? Well, I did some research…and the gates of hell are not in NJ (which would not surprise it if was), they are in Russia. I can’t make this shit up if I wanted to…