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Changes…That is what I wish to focus on today. Changes. These days everything seems to be changing. The world seems to be darker in so many ways. The Tsunami Disaster is so unreal. It changes the way we think of things. Before this, we all thought that 9/11 was the greatest tragedy that our generation witnessed. This event has changed the way we view the world.

Changes…Even my job is going through changes. It is interesting to see how people react to change. It seems the older one gets the more they hate change. I have a couple of people who don’t want their cheese to be moved. Yet, when change happens, they will be left in the dust. Time will have passed them by. I can tell you my boss is a better person that I am because corporate training tells me to get rid of the resistance to change.

Changes…Even my team, The New York METS are going through huge changes. By signing the this year’s biggest free agent Carlos Beltran. I have not been this excited about this teams since they signed Mike Piazza sooo many years ago. I am even considering going down to NY to see a few games. That would be a BIG changes since I don’t go down there anymore.

Changes…I know that I may have risen a few eyebrows to my comment about Scott Peterson. I don’t think he should die. Think he should rot in Jail for what he did. So If I were the judge, I would sentence to him to life with no possibility of parole. Not only that…He should be assigned to GEN POP in a Maximum Security Prison where he will room with a big black buck named Mr. Zero.

Changes…So I was told today by a good friend that he cant hang out with me and my wife anymore because his wife doesn’t like us. Now there is no love lost there that is for damn sure. I was civil to her because that is my good friend’s wife, but lately she has felt the need to treat my wife like shit. There is only one person who can treat Josie like shit and that is me (kisses hun). So naturally the dumb bitch can rot for all I care. One day he will wake up and kick her lop-sided ass out the house.

New Year….New Shit….Peace out.

2 thoughts on “Changes…

  1. WOO WOO WOO WOO! hahah, there u go. Rep for ur wife, dude. Anyways, u kno that tsunami joint didn’t really change my mind on stuff not because it didn’t affect anything personally but because in America, we’re so trained to think that we got the worst disasters of all time and thats’ just not the case. more ppl died in iraq tan 9/11 at this pt. neways, enough about that. Another believe it or not, but I’m glad the Mets got Beltran. Let’s make the Subway Series interesting again, or rather, let’s make it matter again. Btw, because you use Blogger, I always know when you update, so no worries. Peace.


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