Very few things in this process get me as excited as seeing my work in print. I got my proofs of The Book of Isabel yesterday and they look so good. Sure, I have tiny reservations here and there about the cover finish but overall I cannot complain too much.

It feels rewarding to see something like this come to life. I wrote this book about a year ago and when I was done the process of making a book began. I love the cover art. I feel like it looks even better in print than it does digitally.

While I do feel like I’m a little behind schedule, I think I will be able to get this book out on time. I just have some marketing decisions to make. I’ve been thinking about solely selling the e-book on Kindle. They offer the Kindle Direct Program which allows Amazon to sell my e-book as a part of a subscription program. If I do that then I can only make it available on Kindle for a year. When I first heard this during the days of Hanging Upside Down, I thought it might handcuff me and slow down sales. I was wrong.

Truth be told,  I sell more physical books than e-books for one. Secondly, my sales for the Nook are horrible and Google Play is only slightly better. The only thing that holds me back is iBooks and this is because of family. More than a few of them read books on their iPads (yes, I know hat kindle as an app). Other than that, I have no real issues.

At this point, I’m putting things in 3rd gear. I proofers who will spot any typos and mistakes that have been missed. June 14 will be here sooner than I think.

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