Tap Tap Tap….is this thing on?

I guess I am not doing a good job in promoting my blog as I should be. While I am not necessarily writing for the world at large it does make me wonder who is out there. In terms of the blog world, I guess I would consider myself low maintenance. I don’t update this site much outside of blogging every day. Not sure if that is a good thing or not, but I want to focus of this site to be strictly on my words.

I consider this site much like the hair cuts I get every 2-3 weeks. I make it short. I get a touch up. Trim the sides and make sure the edges are smooth. After all that, I am good for a few weeks. I can go about my business and not really care how people view me or what I am doing. Very much like this site.

However, I have come to realize that readership is everything. While my topics seem to vary from day to day, these are still my experience that I share with the world at large. I will still say Latinos are black. I will still talk about how I see the world. The fine line I see is that this blogging shit is not a popularity contest. I think people may view it that way and the art of writing in general gets lost.

I have done several things to promote this blog (although now that I think about it, I could do better) such as, word of mouth, commenting on other blogs, facbooking (status updates and network blog sites), myspace updates, etc. So, I am not sure I am satisfied with what I have. Not that I will change the content of even the way this site looks, but I feel I need to make a change in some way.

Now, I have said before that I do indeed write for me. I truly do not write for anyone else, however, writing needs to be read. Just like musician may write music for the love of music…someone has to listen to it. So, I think I need to do a better job in promoting. I haven’t been receiving a lot of comments in general and it makes me think that I need to step it up a little.

So, with that being said. I think it might be time to join the world of Twitter.

One thought on “Tap Tap Tap….is this thing on?

  1. Oh no! Not the “T” word! I’m afraid of Twitter…I barely have time to FACEBOOK!I’m reading this late, but I think our Guest Blog Week will help. If you like, I can send your blog out with mine too if you think that’ll mean something….And I agree…writing is for me, but it’s more fun when someone reads it. It’s not for validation, but moreso for feedback and exchange. I wouldn’t stop writing if no one read my blog, but I damn sure wouldn’t blog as much 🙂 So I totally feel you.Let me know how we can help each other 🙂


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