X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Official Review

When I was a kid collecting the Uncanny X-men, I would always think to myself that they could never make a Wolverine movie. It would be too watered down and there would not be enough violence to fit his mentality. I also thought that there was just not enough information to on Wolverine to make a decent film.

It seems that, 20 years later, I am completely wrong. X-Men Origins: Wolverine maybe the movie to beat this year at the box office and it will have stiff competition with the line up coming out this summer. It runs just a bit under 2 hours and there is never a dull moment. This movie takes us through Logan’s childhood all the way through to the seeds of the first X-Men movie.

Let me talk about the disappointments first. Will i am plays John Wraith and while is performance is not bad at all, I felt was looking at Will i am and not John Wraith. Could they have found a better person to play him? Not really sure because he looks very much like John Wraith. The other disappointment is Gambit. There is just not enough of him! I like his character and I hope to see more of him in any future spin offs.

Now to the what really made this movie as good as it was. Liev Schreiber makes this movie. No question about it. His portrayal of Victor Creed will put you in awe. If you love bad guys in a movie then you love Liev. He is a total bad ass. I have no complaints about him or his feud with Logan. Of course, I have to mention that no one else could portray Wolverine like Hugh Jackman can.

There are lot of twist and turns in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I know that I never saw any of them coming. Just when I got comfortable in the direction of where this movie was going, it shifted gears. The actions scenes are great and the violence is not over the top. If you are real good at pointing out the small details then you see some small things that connect this movie to the X-Men Trilogy.

Stay to the end folks. There a small scene after all the credits roll. I give this movie 4 out 5.

P.S. I am seeing this movie again tonight (new Transformer Trailer is shown with this movie)

P.S. Shame on those who thought I was going to give away the plot…tsk tsk

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