Thank you
I hammer each nail
Thank you
My hammer is accurate
Thank you
each strike is true
Thank you
for providing the nails
Thank you
for helping me shut this
Thank you
for everything.
The case is closed
the coffin is shut
the past is behind me so what
is next maybe a surprise
so no more cries
for help or tears of sorrow
because I look at tomorrow
and I see something very clear
I have no more fear
I am motivated by
something that once was a lie
Now I can be me
and the image that you see
will fade away and it will truly
be me underneath a mask
that no longer exists
So thank you
for the nails in the coffin
I will rise from my grave
clawing and scratching
dirt between my fingernails
worms in my teeth
breaking my coffin
with each fist, feeling the dirt
pour over me
I will climb, grasp, and pull myself up
I will break new ground
with my hand & rise from the dead
I will shatter my tombstone
and walk amongst the living
I will brush myself off
shake of the dirt
and become alive once more
So thank you
for providing me with the tools
to wake up and rise
no nail can stop me
from coming back from the dead

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