The Arrow Side Effect

I need to ask myself a query
something personal, can you hear me?
How did I get this way?
Biting my tongue so that I don’t say
What it is that I truly mean
How did I become so jealous?
Is there something that cupid doesn’t tell us?
As sharp as that little
fat, pork chop eating bastard
is with his accurate aim
he never tells us of this game
If I ever catch him
near me or even looking at me
I will set a trap to get
his porky ass
just so I can clip
each wing, feather by feather
I will pluck
all because his arrow is stuck
in my chest
while love is supposed to cure all
there are side effects
neck stiffness
internal heart bleeding
blue balls
feelings of jealousy and envy
and a swollen aorta
but most of all you must see
a doctor if your erection
last longer than four hours
How did I get this way?
does this make me a hater?
or do I hate if he date her?
the arrow is dug so deep
that it is hard to tell

Let me know what you think!

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