Writing Challenges

I continue to amaze myself. April is always been a busy month for me and I have been able to maintain my poems for the first 6 days. As I write this I have not even started the 7th yet. It is true what they say about never being too old to learn about yourself.  I considered myself a person that can only really do poetry when I was emotional. That has not been the case lately.

Right now the real challenge is managing my normal writing while continuing to do poetry. I want this challenge of course because this puts me to the test. I want to be able to extend myself with my writing to places I have never been. While there are people who get paid to write, it does not make them better or love it any more. I do this for the love of the art and want to hone the skill in case I ever do get paid for this ability.

I will tell you that for those who are not following me regularly, I think you might missing out on some things. I am very impressed with my poetry. I made that commitment to do the 30 Poems in 30 days because I need to really explore if i can in fact be the true literary artist I believe I can be. The first 3 poems came out very quickly and to be honest, I wrote them all in one night. This gave me time to think about Poem #4: My Love Affair. I could not think of any thing to write until I got home and thought about the one thing that I really want in my life right now, which is to return home.

After writing that, Poem 5: I Remember was more of a natural progression since I spent some of my best years in New York City. I just find it interesting constructing these verses based on pure effort and not emotional investment. When I get my emotions involved, I can write a poem in a matter of minutes and have not worry about syntax or rhyme. It just come out just the way I mean it to.

Right now, I am bouncing back between this blog entry and what is Poem #7: Why Men Lie. I am just thinking about all the lies I have told and the reasons. I am also thinking about the men I know and heard about that have done worse things than me. I very much believe there is a connection there and I am trying to explore that.

It seems that I have a very healthy addiction. Lately, I have need to keep my mind occupied with some thing other than my pursuit to leave Syracuse. The job search is not going as well as I would like. I am coming to some conclusions that I cannot express at this time. However, I will take steps to continue to improve the way I represent myself. I am not the type of person to give up and I have set goals that I need to make.

On a good note: tomorrow I completely pay for my trip to the Dominican Republic! I am quite excited!

Let me know what you think!

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