LBC Day 2 – What Latin American Country I Would Love To Go To.

It is not like I have traveled as much as I would like to. I feel as I have gotten older, the need to go and see other places in the world seems to grow. It would also makes sense to do it now while I still can. I have considered myself to be just Puerto Rican for such a long time because my mother’s side of the family seemed to dominate the amount of time spent around me. So, it was easy to forget or ignore the part of my family that is from Ecuador.

My dad is half Ecuadorian and since my grandfather is not viewed in a positive light, there haven’t many opportunities for me to celebrate that side of my heritage. So it really wasn’t until my father started dating my step mother that I really began to see anything to do with Ecuador. My step mother is Ecuadorian and I have learned so much from her about this country. I have heard the music and at first I was like…”what the hell is this?” But, as I kept hearing it, it began to grow on me. Of course, she only played it when she was cleaning but that is not the point. The food…well, I love food and she makes this ceviche that would make crack seem like a small piece of chocolate.

I will admit that I had no desire to go there when I was a teenager but as I have grown older, I have felt a slight pull to Ecuador. I am very curious about that part of my ancestry and would love to see where this leads. The last time I was in NYC to visit my aunt, she pulled out this picture of my great grandfather and he looked so much like my dad! So this lead to a very long and deep discussion on a possible family tree. But, I feel, in order for me to start that, I need to plan a trip to Ecuador.

I have a few friends who are from Ecuador and they tell me that is a gorgeous place. The only problem for me is that I do not even know where to start. My step mother hasn’t been there in quite a while (other wise I would have to sneak on the plane with her) so I need to figure out where the best place is to visit.

Of course, I could start with Quito (the capital), but something tells me that I will get so lost in the shuffle. I should probably mention that I need to go with someone. No way am I going to Ecuador alone! Let me not mention that my Spanish is purely for food, medical, and bathrooms. Needless to say I will need to make sure that I can navigate this place with someone.

I have seen pictures and I heard stories from people who have been and I hoping that I get the same feeling I get when I went to Puerto Rico, which was a feeling that I belonged. Clearly, I am an American, but I felt so different because it was like everyone was close to my complexion so it felt great to me! So, I am not sure what to expect in Ecuador but I am hoping that this will be like a second homecoming.

2 thoughts on “LBC Day 2 – What Latin American Country I Would Love To Go To.

  1. Bro, as you know, I was there this year for the first time, as my wife's family is Ecuadorian (I guess she is to, seeing as she was born in Guayaquil). It is gorgeous, although I was sort of stuck doing the family thing, and saw a lot of the poorer and more neglected areas. It's definitely not Kansas, and you definitely want to go with someone familiar with the area, the customs, and who knows which parts to stay away from. There are areas of abject poverty, contrasted with areas of abundance with very little in between.

    The next time we go back, I'm renting a furnished house for a couple of weeks and doing all of the touristy stuff.

    Guayaquil has a number of museums and the cathedral, plus it's on the water, so it's gorgeous.

    Quito as you mentioned is the capital, it's also in a very different geography from Guayaquil… The Mitad del Mundo is there, which is neat to see, and be able to stand at Latitude 0, with one foot in the northern hemisphere and one in the southern hemisphere.

    I also want to make my way up to the mountains, La Sierra (The Highlands).. There may even be a Highlander or two.. oh wait, there can be only one. My wife's cousins showed me pictures of these grassy meadows up in the highlands, that were shaped by caretakers over hundreds of years with clouds all around.. it was amazing.

    Oh, and word of advice, whatever you do.. DO NOT go in April.. it's is Africa-hot. RIDICULOUS… Around July/August, it's much more temperate.


  2. Anthony I wish you all the best! Discovering another side of you is great and scary all at the same time. Enjoy it and take it all in…but take your time as it can be overwhelming. I have native american in my family and have no idea where to start in regards to reservations to visit, etc but in time I'm going to find the way and go.

    Good luck on your journey this was a great read!


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