Poem #8 My Pen is

you can take my heart
but you cannot take
my pen is
my spirit incased
in the greatest of instruments
and is my mightiest weapon
I used it as shield
and a sword
I can make love to you with it
or I can make the world
hate you with it

i can never be silenced
my pen is
my strength
to move past
the bullshit
the craziness
the realness
and the sanity
that is my existence

My pen is
my extension
that makes me
the man that I am
and ink the life blood
to my creativity
and I don’t need
to measure
the size
of its importance
You can never hold it
the right way
because you can never
write with it
exactly the way I do
but I can lend it to you
so you can see
how unique I can be
how much of a man I can be
how much of a lover
of life I can be 
My pen is
the only thing
that cannot be
separated from me
it functions even
when I am heartless
it functions with no cap
and the ink is never dry
it never dysfunctions
and it is always up
for more poetry

Let me know what you think!

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