Poem #15 My Friend

someday we all die
we may ask why
we my still try
but in the end
we will still be friends
I will always be there
because I care
you make it easy
to love what we have
a true bond
I dont have to
turn around
because I know
you are there
you have my back
no matter my tears
no matter my fears
you have turned
them into smiles
you have fought
that fight with me
and not for me
and in turn
i have help you
with your battles
took the scrapes
the cuts
the bruises
with you
if you had a cross
i would help
bare it
I would carry it
for you
and with you
I would sacrifice
my mind and body
to make sure
that you were ok
you are my friend
which means
more to me
than I can tell you
so I would rather
just be there
when you are sad
and help you
rejoice when you
are happy

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