9 10 11

I felt I needed to write today. Perhaps a bit of a free write, I am not really sure. I know that today’s date is something that I will never see again in my life time unless I some how invent a time machine (out of a Delorean). I wanted to save my efforts for tomorrow. As much as I am trying to avoid my thoughts, I am still thinking about 9/11. Not to say that I should be avoiding it, but it has been 10 years and there are things that still bother me about that day. However, I will leave that for tomorrow.

Today, I think about the uniqueness of this day or the uniqueness of any day. I suppose everyday is unique in itself. Although repetitiveness is something that I absolutely cannot stand, I know each day can stand on itself. Yet, we tend to take for granted for each day. I know that I think there will be a tomorrow for me and the ones that I love. While I truly understand that anything can happen on any given day, I still think that there will always be a tomorrow.

I ran a red light the other day. This is something that I never do. However, I am known to run through stop signs. How is this possible? Let me tell you why. I am not paying attention. I am thinking about something other than the present. It is great to have a goal but it is also not so great to forget the present because of your goals. So for me….I just think way too damn much about everything. Sure, my life is better and i do not stress as much as I used to but, I still think about what is next.

What I am not thinking about is the present. I am not stopping to smell the roses. I am still thinking about 2 steps ahead or what is down the road for me. It happens so often that I forget about how significant a day like today is. 9-10-11. It is so intrinsically simple. We need to live in the now because days as simple as this only happen once in a millennia.

The universe is so vast and somewhere out there a galaxy is being born. A star is going nova. These things seem so insignificant to us, but to the other parts within the vast cosmos, this is the day that is the most important of all. Perhaps today is a birth of a child, or the uniting of two soul mates, who really knows? All I can say is that the here and now is just as important as the future.

One thought on “9 10 11

  1. You know, I really like to read your stories. there is so much kindness and love of life oozing from them. i am writing too, not as much as you do because my heart is not as open as yours, never was, never will be. but i agree with you that life should be lived to the full. and yes, i stop to smell the roses, but equally lost in thought as you describe it, even though i am not jumping red lights: that can prove to be deadly. it is part of who we are, to be lost in thought. some people 'see' so much more than others. they need to process a lot more information coming from all directions. your perception needs all the processing, if you are paying attention, which i think you do, you will notice the landscape being in continous change. you will arrive at a multitude of havens and breath the air of long forgotten worlds within yourself. this is an attribute of those who explore life and themselves with the honesty of one who is hanging on a straw in the middle of the ocean.

    have a great day, enjoy the sunshine, you are not alone. :)))


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