This may be my new license plate

I guess I didn’ t think it was possible for me to have haters. Why would someone hate on me? I don’t make much money, I have way too much on my plate, I am way too much debt, and I barely write on this blog as much as I want. Yet, I have some people that insist on drinking some haterorade and I makes me wonder why…

Perhaps it is because I’m good at what I do. I am able to juggle my job, my classes, and my volunteering well. I’m an advisor to a numerous amount of student organizations and I am trying to have my hands into many things that are student centered. I wont list every group, but I added two more this year because I come highly recommended from other administrators and alumni. The effort and heart I put into this has lead me to being awarded The University Advisor of the Year. An honor I am so very humbled by.

Perhaps it is the fact that my writing has gotten better. The honor of becoming a writer for the Huffington Post has not worn off for me. I feel that I am out there to the point that people who don’t ordinarily know me have now heard of me. My passion is out there for everyone to see and I have risen past my own expectations. I feel more accomplished in what I do in the world of writing, even though I have barely scratched the surface.

Perhaps it is because I have a beautiful girlfriend. I am with a woman that understands and accepts me for who I am. Long distance has made things interesting, but I am committed. She has shown me how to enjoy life for what it is and I appreciate her for that. I’m at the point that I truly feel that I can accomplish my dreams with her in my corner. Not to mention the fact that despite it all, I have no issues with showing how I feel to everyone.

Perhaps it is because I am HAPPY. For the first time in a long time, I am happy with my life. Sure, I am struggling and dealing with things I rather not deal with, but I am so very content with my life. I have come to the realization that I spent many months in some sort of depression. I am not talking about something serious, but definitely in a mental and emotional rut that had effected everything that I did in life.

Let’s be real here, being happy is the one thing that a few people do not want me to be. I have been through the fire and have come out unscathed. I will always be the bigger person and I will always look for opportunities to make myself better. I do not care for negativity in my life and I will always ask for the respect that I deserve. I will always rise above pettiness.

So if you are a hater, there is always the unfollow or ignore button. Perhaps you can just unfriend me on Facebook (as some of you already have), in either case, I will always maintain my professional character and willingness to better myself. Saludos.

Let me know what you think!

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