The Problem with the #Truth

The problem with the truth is that no one wants to hear it. Especially if it is that smack-you-in-the-face truth that hits so hard it makes you numb. Ever been punched in the face so hard that it shocks you? You can’t decide to cry or to hit back but your lip has no feeling what-so-ever. That is the type of truth people do not want to hear. Not about themselves and not about what they believe.

I have heard many women talk about how men lie all the time and they just want men to be honest. My question back is are you ready for a truth you may not want to hear? See, generally, men lie because they are afraid to tell the truth because of what might happen. This is not defending the typical liar that plays women on the regular but honesty is a scary thing. So do not be surprised when a man tells you that you do not look fat in that outfit because chances are if you do look fat, you are not gonna wanna hear it.

These are the same types of truths that we face everyday as a society. Is there no wonder why politicians, corporations, and news networks lie? The answer is very simple actually…because we would believe it. It is the same thing that education does by omitting certain parts of history in books or banning books in general. The truth has a very profound effect on those who really wish to seek it. That is why most Black and Latino people get really angry in college for about 1-2 years. All those omissions in history books in high school begin to catch up and the realization is nothing less than infuriating.

The problem with the truth is that most people right now are living a lie. They lie to themselves about their state of happiness. In fact, there are people who have built their entire life on the expectations of others without a thought that perhaps conforming to what other people want may not be the best idea in the world. I would not even say this if I had not done it to myself. I had convinced myself that the life I once led was something I wanted until I saw a truth that shattered all of it.

The truth is humbling. It makes you look harshly into a mirror.

However, the truth can be inspiring. It can change lives and strengthen people’s faith in God and in themselves. It can make people change the world around them, which is something that I know first hand.

Yet the problem with the truth is that there are more liars than honest people. Lies make money because disinformation is good for business.

Let me know what you think!

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