LBC 2012 Day 4 – Latino Blog I recommend: @TheJadedNYer

(Let me preface this whole challenge by saying that I know that I am late….but this is me catching up)

I don’t recommend blogs often and I know that I should probably get into the habit of that. I do have a long list of blogs on the left side of your screen that I already recommend, but I do feel that this blog is one of the few that really stand out.

There are very few people who keep it real in the blogging diaspora. There also very few who can write in such away that you can hear their voice (I ‘ve never heard her actual voice so I just imagine what it would sound like). I will also say that written sarcasm is hard to master, but The Jaded NYer does it very well.

I am not just saying all this because she is a Mets fan (but it helped her cause), I think that Raquel has stepped up her game this year. She has a brand new website, which is awesome. Her web persona with her blog, twitter, and website is something that I admire because I want to do something similar. She has a book that I promised her I would buy (I am getting there) and knowing her writing style, I am quite sure it will be a very good read.

I would also encourage you to read her first published story: Grey Matter.

I consider her blog to be the consummate New York City journey as told through the lense of a Latina. I feel that she is on the cusp of something great and I cannot wait to read her adventures. As always, please take time to look through her writings and support her.

3 thoughts on “LBC 2012 Day 4 – Latino Blog I recommend: @TheJadedNYer

  1. **shocked face**
    **looks around at audience**
    **mouths “Oh my god, really?!”**
    **walks up aisle to the stage**
    **looks awe-stricken while adjusting mic**

    You guys! I can't believe this! **holds award in awe, still**

    I'm so honored that you like my blog. It's a lot of work and sometimes it takes me three days to write a paragraph, but it's all worth it. **ugly crying face** Thank you so much for this. This is for the fans! **holds award up**


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