Hip Hop is Dead…

I consider myself a fan of Hip Hop. I feel privileged to have grown up in this era that has seen this musical genre become a lifestyle. Since I have seen so many rappers and heard so many songs, I can be pretty critical of who I like. I can be picky with the Cd’s I buy and the music I listen to. I don’t believe every song is hot and I do not believe every rapper is a legend.

What happened to the day when Emcees could battle each other with pure lyrical skill? What happened to the days when KRS One and MC Shan used to drop songs and leave it all out on the airwaves for the benefit of the people? Well those days are gone. Hip Hop is supposed to be about ridiculous lyrics recorded over crazy beats.

Not these days. I came across an article about some beef between 50 Cent and Rick Ross. I am not sure what happen and I don’t really care. What I do know is this, I was never really a fan of 50 Cent and Rick Ross had one song I know of, so I don’t care about him either, but I really have no respect for 50 Cent when he can stoop as low as this: 50 Cent Releases Sex Tape To Humiliate Rap Rival.

I have nothing against porn or sex tapes. But, when 50 Cent is wearing a wing and narrating…that is just plain Baffoonery! Bad enough that this man loses a challenge to Kanye West (who I do like) over record sales, but now he thinks he is winning fans over releasing a sex tape of Rick Ross’s baby mama? Not to mention that chick is wack! (yeah I did see it)

This is not a surprise to me that he can sink this low. Is it that he cannot dominate with his lyrics? When Jay-Z stepped to Nas, did Nas try to take out Beyonce? Not at all. Nas handled it with the Ether. That is what true fans of Hip Hop want to see. They want to feel like they are in the club listening to two emcees battle it over a beat. We don’t see that anymore do we?

Now, I just have to wait every other year for a Common or Nas Album, or maybe something from Outkast or Kanye, or if I am lucky, The Roots will drop something soon. The golden days of Hip Hop are gone and I am not sure they are coming back…

“Hip Hop just died this morning and she’s dead…..she’s dead”

Let me know what you think!

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