Dad’s Big Day Tomorrow

Well I am back in the Bronx. My drive takes me about 4 hours depending on the traffic. I picked a perfect day to drive. Clear skies all the way. I think that was a sign of a good week to come.

Of course tomorrow is the Big Day for my Dad. I had to call him last night to get all the times correctly. I laughed because I spoke to him twice. Once in the morning, where he tells me his version of the time line, and again at night with on a 3 way call with my future step mother. In the 3 way call the timeline is totally different. Which is not a surprise to me because I know who is in charge now.

Needless to say, I need to get my ass up early tomorrow. As if i am going to work. I have to be at my aunts house at 8am (she lives in Mount Vernon) and from there we will travel to downtown Manhattan to what was originally City Hall. Now we are going somewhere a few blocks away. My step mother has a friend who is a judge, so instead of the long line and wait over in City Hall, we will do it at this person’s apt.After that we are doing lunch. It should be pretty fun. The weather looks like it will be beautiful.

I mentioned on Twitter and on Facbook that my brother decided to cut my stay at his place short. Here is how it went…He calls me to make sure that I am still coming (he did this yesterday). In this conversation he tells me he wants to discuss the length of may stay. He feels it should be shorter. Apparently, Justin has finals and will be distracted by my presence. My nephew is 10…what school gives finals to 10 year old??? So clearly I am out of a place after Tuesday.

My dad is staying with my aunt in Mount Vernon (10 minutes away). So I made arrangements with her. Funny, I could have stayed with her before but I figured that she didn’t have Internet and I am spoiled…lol. Come to find out that she indeed does have a computer with a modem. I made a joke to my father about how it is not wireless…and he tells me that we need to fix that because my step mom cant use her laptop. So this week, we get to upgrade my aunt with a wireless router. I am so bad…

My nephew mentioned to me that he has a baseball game at 5. So, I guess I am booked for that. I am also amazed at all the clothes I was able to pack. You would think that I am not coming back…lol

Trust me…I am. I do have a job.

2 thoughts on “Dad’s Big Day Tomorrow

  1. WOW!! A new step mom, huh? Congrats!!

    This was a great blog. It contains family, which is always a good topic. You must really be a good Uncle if you can be a distraction for a 10 yr old!! Hope everything works out with your travel.

    And not only do you have a job to return to but you also have a wife to get back to!!

    Sassy San


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