Me & My Dog

I am foregoing “Tid Bit Tuesday” this week because I woke up with a poem in my head that I needed to write. I do not just come up with poetry everyday so the times I feel inspired I just need to write it down. So this is what I got:

Me & My Dog

My Dog would never…
Say “I don’t want you”
or tell me we can never be together

My Dog would never…
would never nag me or
complain that I work too much

My Dog would never…
ignore me and pretend I do not exist
nor would I have to question if I am being missed

My Dog is sad when I leave and happy when I return
I never have to wonder where I stand in the heart
of an animal that just knows what love is

My Dog would never…
be confused or require space
or be hung up on mistakes

My Dog has a very short memory and will not linger in the past
instead will live for the moment, for as long as it can last

My Dog’s love is unconditional and I would never have to worry
about maintaining a friendship
or proving my love

I don’t have to fight for My Dog’s heart, I already have it
when I am lonely I can look over and see
that all My Dog really wants is just me

My Dog appreciates…
my touch, my voice, my playfulness, and my humor
as well as my desire to be needed

I would never have to get defensive because
My Dog would not point out things that I constantly do wrong

My Dog understands…
that I am a man that is not perfect
that my indecisiveness is based on need to make a better choice

My Dog understands…
that at the end of the day all I want is hug
and to feel that I am important

Right now, the only thing
I need is the only thing
that loves me

So for now…it is just Me and My Dog

2 thoughts on “Me & My Dog

  1. You make me really want a dog. I've wanted one for a while, but couldn't b/c none of my buildings allow it. So happy that you have your dog in your life right now – they really are “man's best friend.”


  2. Anthony,
    It is so true that a dog can fill that gap for companionship. Doggies give most of the needed reciprocal affection, with non of the negativity that human beings provide. Remember things happen for a reason and it is probably a necessary thing in your journey (life). Take care my friend.


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