LBC – Day 4 What Latino Blog I Recommend

I do my best to try to read as many blogs as I can. Some blogs are very long and drawn out. Some are very simple. Then there are the blogs that are simply great. All the blogs on my blog roll are worth reading and I have more than twenty five on that listed sorted by when they post. The one that always seems to be near on the top of that list every time I look at it is Latino Sexuality.

The brilliant mind behind this blog is Bianca Laureano. I first met her over twitter last year and personally last December and I have to tell you all that she is the real deal. She know what she is talking about and writes many articles about sex and society on different sites. I was interested in her because of her posts last year about Afro Latinos. This lead to her and I collaborating on the LatiNegr@s grass roots project last February that saw both blogs dedicating posts to the contributions of Afro Latinos for black history month. The result was this site: LatiNegr@s on tumblr (which is still active).

What I like about her blog is how real she is when it come to sex and the community. I personally find it hard to talk about sex in a public forum such as this. Sure, I can write some poems about it but, she takes it to another level at times. Bianca is a sex educator and does her job well. She is also a good friend who I have learned a great deal from. Her belief is that our community needs to better educated with issues of sex and I have to agree with her. The best part about this is that she available as a speaker.

Her blog is a connection to the larger Latino Sexualty site. Here is where she really proves that she is as real as what she says she is. I am all about people being real in their blogs. I think that she really walks to the talk. Her blog is something that I would recommend to anyone. Sure it is about sex but she is very knowledgeable about Latino culture and is a champion of women’s issue.

Let me know what you think!

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