LBC Interlude

Today is Day 6 in the 30 Day challenge and I have already posted my poem here. I wanted to this take time out to thank those people who have been participating in this. I can say that with 6 days down and I have already challenged myself with a few things. Not to mention that I have been getting messages from other people telling me who hard some of these topics really are.

The story about my two grandmothers really took me awhile to write. There was also some emotion into it because I was remembering things that I have not thought about in some time. Interestingly enough, this is only the tip of the ice berg here. I know which days will be harder for me than others. So I look forward in tackling those days.

I really did not think about compiling a list of blogs that are participating in this Latino Blog Challenge because I honestly did not think many people would have been all that interested in this. So while this day was slated to be a day off for this blog since I wrote the poem on the other one, I think that now is the time to list all the people who contributing to this. I have noticed there are some that are strict with posting everyday and some who may post a few blogs in one day in order to catch up. Every so often I will add some entries to my Facebook page as a highlight.

So here they are:

Please keep in mind that some blogs do write about other things everyday as well, while others may simply just do this challenge. I am happy that some people have engaged me with this and it has been so much fun reading other people’s thoughts (espically about the food…I was so hungry that day).

As someone said to me… A writer keep writing! (have fun mi gente)

2 thoughts on “LBC Interlude

  1. You have such passion and dedication its inspirational. And i know you will meet your 30 challenge i cant wait to for the rest.

    And I always say “A writer writes ALWAYS”


  2. Yeah Gente!

    Latinegro, I love this challenge. But it has definitely been a challenge–I feel you on the “growing up” post. I remembered things (and put things into context) that I never would have if I had not started the challenge. Thank you for putting this out there for us. For realz.

    Oh, wanted to add that Alicia over at Manifest Freedom is also participating, off and on:

    Alright loves! Can't wait to catch up on posts that I've missed. See you around the interwebs!


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