LBC Day 10 – A Latino Musician in Pop music

Preface: Yes, I am late this one but and I actually starting this yesterday while I was out at the bar…

I am sitting here trying to figure out Latinos in pop music. I do not want to say Marc Anthony because that could be an obvious choice. I thought about Christina Aguilera but, I don’t care about her work all that much. Jennifer Lopez seems to be so passed her time. So I have the person that I have left is Pitbull.

I know that hip hop may not be considered as pop music, but it is pretty close. I personally like Pitbull because it is my opinion that he brings something different to the table. Sure, he resides in the Miami, which can considered the dirty south. If you know anything about Miami hip hop then you know that it is pretty much all booty music (no complaints here).

Pitbull is a Cuban American that was put on the music map in 2002 in the Kings of Crunk album by Lil John. Since then he recorded his debut album M.I.A.M.I in 2004 and 3 other albums since then. It is always interesting to see where Latino rappers fall in the hip hop genre. I think he lyrics are funny and his songs make me want to dance. I was a huge fan of Big Pun and when he died, there was a huge whole left in terms of Latinos in Hip Hop.

Then Pitbull comes along with this flashy beats and catchy hooks and before you know it he is 4 albums deep and is almost everywhere in Miami. When we think about Latino artists in pop music, I know he may not be as big as Santana, or have the fan support of Christina Aguilera, but I feel that he is growing in popularity that he will be a big force within the industry.

Let me know what you think!

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