Votes do count!

I think it is funny. People are angry. They are mad that this government does not work. Many people will say that it has not worked for some time. So we all got to together and elected Obama and after that, many people thought that we would dance in the sunset as the credits roll. But, guess what? The Empire Struck Back.

Why are we upset by this? This is the way we, as Americans, are. We all know that one political party cannot run all the branches of government. When that happens it never works because one political view of this country does not feel right. We need the conflict. We need those people in Washington to hold each other accountable.

Look, in New York, we are looking at so much change because those idiots in Albany cannot get it right. So it is time for a change. If the team is not winning, you get a new General Manager and Coach (Hello NY Mets). People are just tired of not having jobs and those who do are barely surviving. It is crazy and those who are holding those seats need to understand that we do have power.

I do not get why people do not vote or say that our votes do not count because they certainly do. It counted 2 years ago. It counted last year. It counts this year. There are just many angry Americans that are tired of barely making it. It works both ways. We may not like the Tea Party, but they have the passion we had when it came time for Obama to be elected.

I am almost willing to bet that with the new look of this government, things may actually get done.

Let me know what you think!

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