Poetry: My Top 5 of 2010

These 5 are a combination of the what spoke to me as well as feedback that I received. It is very strange to actually go back and read these. Because I know where my mind was when I wrote them. If I had a choice I would start with these in any shows I may do in the future. Mind you, I sorted these out from 15 poems I felt were good…

My Love Affair
I am in love with you again
we used to see each other
all the time
but, I had to break it off
make a clean cut
you were violated
and I hated
that I could not deal
your appearance is forever
altered and it took me
such a long time
to even like you again
so I left you
with a goal to never
to go back to you
we had to move on
I had to follow my goals
the problem is
I never forgot
all the great days
all the train rides
all the baseball games
all the trips I took to see
you in all your glory
I would only visit on holidays
I liked the way you looked
in all your special ways
you flirted
to get my attention
and yes, I must mention
I liked it
but i tried
to push that aside
because you don’t need me
but lately
It is I, that needs you
it has been so hard
reading about you online
seeing you on tv
hearing about you on the radio
I even look at that old photo
It is clear
we are meant to be together
I cannot keep this lie with me
being in you is my destiny
each visit with you
has been a secret affair
that I can barely contain
my attraction to you,
I can barely explain
but I have no expectations
of what we have become
I may beg to to be
with you, so please no pity
I love you because you are beyond pretty
I love you because your style is so gritty
Most of all,
I love you because you are New York City
My Butterfly (English Version)

My beautiful butterfly
how I yearn
to see your wings
I am in love
with your flight
you live within
the flowers
that grow
from my heart
the flutter of
your wings
match the beat
of my heart
My butterfly
you are beautiful
in every way
your shape
your form
I want to
fly with you
and share the sky
until the sun sets
and share the
until your wings tire
my beautiful butterfly
nothing comes close
as watching you
spread your wings
I may not be able
to keep you
but I will always
love you


Alternate persona
I show you
what I want you to see
my secret identity
is hidden behind
my refined mask
of sarcasm and wit
I grow tired of giving a shit
for the callous
and the self absorbed
those who live in glass houses
and repeatedly judge
my mask is for
your protection
not mine
a hardening muscle

that can turn to stone
beating in my chest
its use is practical
no one needs to see
underneath the mask
the outer shell
has it’s own story to tell
emotions release
with ease
the sleeve
is dirty from
the wear and tear
people assume they
know me
because I have
no pokerface
they do not know
we are not even
playing the same game
I am playing
truth or dare
without the latter
no need to dare me
about the truth
it wont matter
I am past the lies
that men tell
I am past the games
women play
I am past the past
so I need
to wear this mask
and an invisible cape
to help me escape
the revelation
that you are not
on my level


Playing games
is what you do
playing hearts
while disguising the truth
pretending to be aloof
when it was all you
pulling the strings
to this puppet show
a manipulator
in this
marionette opera

with songs being sung
of “whoa is me”
with a tissue
in one hand
and a machete
in the other
using your curves
and your words
to pursue your motives
both ulterior
and interior
but on the exterior
your game fools
only but a few
I can see the
strings and where
they go
every move and twitch
made by your puppet
hides the truth
that you are a bitch
that plays hearts
in a game of spades
operating on your
own set of rules
to obtain an audience
your affinity for drama
makes you a
puppet master
that gets the
reaction you want
with the puppet you flaunt
while never taking heed
that even
a master can bleed
the strings you hold
so tight
will one day bite
and when the show is over
and the curtain falls
your puppet
will see your flaws
a false Gapedo
nothing but ghetto
it will be your nose
that grows
with every lie that flows
from a mouth
that you use
to eat your puppet’s soul
and swallow another man’s pole
a manipulator!
I see your strings
and how they
to a now wooden toy
who used to be a real boy
pray this opera
never ends
and he never gets a clue
because the curtain
will fall on you


like a well oiled
you do not need
a quarter to ride me
you just need
the hips
lights out
above the blankets
dancing the dance

entering your doorway
of blissful
dripping with sweat
heaven is meant
to be just
lets die like this
seal it with a kiss
send it with a bite
pull away
to capture a moment
of closeness
you will ever be
to being one being

and you try not to flinch
when you feel every inch
of passion
that makes every
hair on your body
stand up
back arching
muscle tightening
that will make
you remember that
there is a God.
Perfection is
met when
two people
cum together
for that
one moment
of intense
that is only achieved
by a heavenly body
open your eyes
to your surprise
heaven can be
real hard
to gain
but not tonight
take one more bite
of this Intensity

Let me know what you think!

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