Poem #6 "X" Girl

When I close my eyes
I see your image
almost like a
construction paper cut-out
you pop out
and into my psyche
with an exhilarating silhouette
your curves are more round
than any circle I can comprehend
you make want to relearn math
just so I can solve for x
and know that circumference
I imagine your skin being
as smooth a silk
giving me goose bumps
every time you place
your hand on mine
i can feel your energetic
soul that gives you a kinetic
power over me that is euphoric
i don’t like weak women
so your mind is as strong
as your body
Your perfections are highlighted
by your imperfections
which makes you the
perfect woman for my
imperfect life
because our flaws connect
like pieces of a jig saw puzzle
with no edges
because our love would be infinite
in a time of finite
Your beauty would only be
measured against your intelligence
you can solve for my x and my y
with an aura of sophistication
that would make me melt
with every solved equation
I would appreciate you
you would appreciate me
we would be ideal
and revel in our perfection
which begs the question
where are you?

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