Poem #10 The Side Eye

I am not one
to judge another
but what I can do
is give you
the side eye
with my head tilted
to side like a dog
who can’t figure out
what the fuck
he just heard
my eyes locked
as I turn my head
because your
stupidity puts you
out of focus 
when you cry
over your own mistakes
you get the side eye
when you pretend
not to care (when we know you do)
you get the side eye
when you flirt with me
in front of your husband
you get the side eye
when you cannot see
past your own indiscretions
you get the side eye
when you blame others
for your obvious problems
you get the side eye
when you cant figure out
that this poem is about you
you. get. the. fucking. side. eye. 
the side eye
is like a mini death star
that has a laser
aimed directly at your dome
to blow up your spot
because your story
or lack there of
need holes to be
punched into
the side eye is designed
to be universal symbol
of stupidity recognition
without being all
confronting and
avoiding the neck rolling
response one would get
if they cease to be
passively agressive
so to all of those
who make no fucking sense
i give YOU the side eye
as the ultimate act
of civil disobedience
to protest the
crazy ass women
and the dumb ass men

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