Poem #11 Insomniac Creative

I can’t sleep at night
my creative wont let me
rest right
it’s like my blood
runs hot with
a fiery passion
a blaze
that will not be put out
until I achieve what
I was set out to do
And if I do sleep
it is a restless night filled
with dreams
of female goblins
who try suck
the very ink
out of my pen
or I am being chased
by zombies that
want to consume
my creativity
but I fight every night
and tell myself
that I will be complete
While I want to complain
about how unfair life is
I move on
knowing my
creative juices will
always be active
I have learned how to write, despite
someone being fucked
in the room right to me
I use that noise as motivation
to not blame my past
but ignite my creative
to another level
to block out the distractions
to maintain my reactions
But I will not rest
until my dreams are
are fulfilled
and I can sleep
a full night
so I wont need
coffee in the morning
I can feel my fate is calling
time to wake up
and answer

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