Poem #17 Upgrade

I am zero for four
and while I have
more hits than Mrs
it seems like
letting go is
harder than manning up
but I take the losses
because in the law
of averages
the wins should balance out
and when too many
losses occur
one has to upgrade
the roster
clean the slate
start over
do better than
the past
the past
was not working
no more games
being played
it is time for an upgrade
Playing hole to hole
was never the goal
just wasted swings
since the game
was never to par
just a handicapped
system where the rules
changed day to day
with no chance to win
only to play it out
to the bitter end
it is time to upgrade
to step up the game
balance the rules
make things fair
get a chance to win
on an upgraded
course where
things are better
than before
and it is never
about the score
who wins
who loses
and who gets upgraded

Let me know what you think!

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