Farewell @SyracuseSCPS Speech

Here is the transcript from my speech earlier today. Video to follow later:

Everything happens for a reason. I believe that I have a connection with everyone in this room. In one way or another you, have all been a part of my success over the last 11 years. Whether you have been a friend, a mentor, a mentee, a supervisor, an employee, or just here for the food, I feel that I have shared a connection with every one of you. I have built relationships here that will last me for a long time.

Up until this morning I was not sure if I should prepare remarks or just wing it, but I finally came to the conclusion that I should write my thoughts down so I do not forget what I truly want to say. It has also not escaped me that for the first time in 11 years I can say pretty say much whatever I want and not have to explain my actions to Bridget later. (smile)
Most of you know that I moved up here after the events of 9/11. I came up here feeling a sense of purpose because when I left Syracuse in 1998, I ended up bouncing around job to job without really having that sense of purpose. The only thing I knew when I was first hired was that I missed working in the Schine Student Center. It was the best job I had when I was a student. Now I am going back home with a career and attainable goals that SU has developed.
Clearly, you all can go without the history lesson but I started working here when I was a freshman in 1992. I was the only freshman, in fact, working at the info desk at the time and I worked there for 4 years. I worked all the time to the point where all my friends (including Casey) used to tell me that one day I will end up running this place. Eek!
So here I am….all those years later leaving a place that I have come to love. I have come to admire and respect so many of you (excluding Dave Pennock) that this day is filled with mixed emotions. I look at the staff that I have been working with and I realize that I have a unique relationship with each one of them.
Ryan, who is not here because the state of Massachusetts has extradited him to return to Boston for jury duty, just joined this lovely band of misfits and we bonded the other day. He is getting the my furniture (including the bed) thus ensuring my legacy of never getting enough sleep and coming into work after 9am every day.
My relationship with Becky was always a great one. She used to watch Rocky for me and I appreciated that so much. I have enjoyed our conversations about life and will miss how sensible you can be. I guess I really do not have a joke for you but I am glad you made here on time. (smile)
Jen (sigh), I will miss the looks she gives me during the difficult times. When we are in staff meeting and I have to play my usual devil’s advocate role. I will miss the hair color changes and the simple question of “Why are you leaving here me with these people?”
I will miss Henoc and his singing. He has truly been a fantastic Graduate Assistant and I encourage all of you who don’t know him to get to know him. His charm and politeness will win anyone over…until he plays Adele for 14thtime in an hour. I will miss you buddy. 
Dave Pennock. What can I say about him? 
Moving on, Joe Goings! I have nicknamed him, Jolo. He and I have one of those relationships where we joke on just about everything…except the Chicago Bears. I enjoy his presence because not only does he laugh at all my jokes…he thinks every idea is worth doing! Gotta love that.
Dave Pennock should feel lucky I mentioned his name for the 3rd and last time. He is an A-type personality who believes everything is black and white. The only gray he sees are the Yankees’ road uniforms. I will miss joking on you and with you. I will miss that your face gets so red (particularly your neck) when you are embarrassed. But seriously, we have always known how to just talk about things like baseball and sports to break the mood of a stressful day. But the most important thing I want to say is…Can I have my Inception blu ray back? I mean MY LAST DAY IS TOMORROW.
I met Scott Casanova in 1997. He had long flowing hair like a wookie. He has been a true friend when I needed one. He is my personal Boba Fett. Scott has driven all the way to Hancock, NY to get me when I had a car accident. He has helped me change a tire and fished out my parking card when it fell in between the stick shift in my car. He is the best white friend a person like me can have. I knew with him in the car, I will never get pulled over. I will truly miss Scott although he told me that once Monday comes around everything becomes my fault…
I left  Meghan a little bit later on this list because I want her to get all her tears out the way first. I can sit here and joke about her all day but she has truly been my right hand. She has seen me at my best and my worst and vice versa but I truly believe in her and in her abilities. I will miss you so very much and I have one word of advice: FOR THE LOVE OF GOD PLEASE STOP DROPPING YOUR PHONES IN SEWERS.
Casey is my brother from another mother. I met in 1992 in summer institute (which is now Summer Start). We took writing 105 together and sat next to each other. That is where a 20 year friendship was born. It was Casey that called me back in 2001 to tell me I should apply for the Facility Supervisor position. I don’t have to say goodbye to you because A) I have the keys to your house, 2) We have a Values Academy presentation to plan and C) True friends never say good bye. That is why you are getting the obesity chair in my office…
Finally Bridget, this woman is the reason why I am the professional I am today. She has always allowed me to spread my wings and has given me the room to learn from my mistakes. I have no jokes for her because the staff will make sure to do that enough already. We have been through rough times and been the shoulders we needed to cry on but if there is one thing that has defined my relationship with her and how real she has been with me. It is something she said to me in 1993 when I was just promoted to the info desk manager, she looked at me said… “You need to make sure that when you hire students to work at the desk, that they are a reflection of the students who walk through our doors” I have always stayed true to that and made sure I was just as honest with my students. I love you, appreciate you, and will miss you.
Before I finish, l want to say that I miss my students and my student employees more than I will ever be willing to admit. They will be with me in my heart and let’s just face it, most of them live in New York and will probably take my open door policy way too seriously. I will miss Student Activities and FASA.  I will miss Debbie and her fabulous suits and Eddie with his fabulous shoes or was it the other way around? I want so say Thank You to Sylvia for really being positive and giving me great advice and I want to thank Colleen for just being Colleen. I also to paraphrase Dr. D (whom I will also miss) by sayin… “I am taking my magazine…and going home…”
For those I do not mention. This isn’t a goodbye…this a cya later. 
Thank you.

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