Public Apology


I have to hold myself accountable for when I do something wrong. I slighted someone in my last post and It didn’t mean to.  I was trying to express my emotions for something being done to me and I (unfairly) took someone else’s contributions and made them seem trivial. That was a huge mistake that I feel terrible for.

I came across as someone who is better than other people and I am not. When I wrote that post, I was emotional. Hindsight being 20/20, I should have given it a few more days and edited the piece to remove the undertones that has been suggested.

Truth be told. I admire bad-dominicana. She has a passion that very few people have. She knows what she is talking about and I love her work. The fact that I belittled her work has makes me no better than the plagiarizer I accused. That is not what I wanted to do, but we all know that hell is paved with good intentions. It was an act of privilege that I wish I can take back.

I want to publicly apologize to bad-dominicana. She does not deserve this nor am I in position to say anything unflattering about her work. It was her original post about Dr. Evangelina Rodriguez that piqued my interest about doing the bio. It was disrespectful to say that her bio was unsubstantial because anyone who read it was enlightened, including myself.

I want to apologize to the Latinegr@s Project for my behavior in this matter. It was oppressive and unbecoming of me. WE fight for justice and there was none done here. I used my position to get my point across with our Tumblr account. This was a personal post that I should have never posted on our account. I let the emotions get the better of me and I do deserve all the criticism coming our way.

I made a mistake and the best way to make up for something like this is to own up to it. I apologize to all involved whether you were offended or not. I can do better than this. There are no excuse for letting emotions getting the best of me.

Let me know what you think!

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