Me, Me, ME. Me Too…


Imagine if you will, being Neo in a world where people are blind to the ways of the world. Only you and and like minded people know what is going on because the only power that you have is critical thought. Perhaps you can take that a step further and say you are Neo in a world filled with doubts so large that they can attack and multiply at any moment. Your sole purpose to is survive and live until the next day.

There is no secret that this scene is my favorite scene in all the Matrix Trilogy. So many parallels can be made with that movie and the present world, weather it is world around us or just our personal lives. Someone is bound to be an Agent. This can be someone who is embedded with a belief that is either different than yours or a doubt in your mind that can take over your thought process. Either of these can be very dangerous and shut your central hardware down.

Me…me…me. Me too.

But here is the thing that I learned recently, we are the ones who can take things into our own hands and determine the course of our fate. We can either choose to fight and a take stand for something or we can succumb to fear and doubt. I choose to fight everyday for the sake of my own existence in this world. I choose to learn about the things that are around me so I can be better equipped for what is to come. I do not believe in everything I read or hear because I do believe that people are generally disingenuous and have ulterior motives than what is presented.

The last thing I want to do is to become part of the problem but rather part of the solution. I know what my problems are, I deal with them every day. I can be part of that problem by sitting around and doing nothing and watch them slowly destroy my existence or I can choose to be the one and solve these issues by facing each one of my doubts and fears as they multiply.

We can re-write our code and be something that the world does not intend. This is something that I intend on doing.

Let me know what you think!

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