The Next Level: Being an Author

Book-iPad-wallpaper-LibraryIt took Juno Diaz 10 years to write a book. I think about that as I pour myself into this text and yet I think I’m on the same wave length. This book is at least 7 years in the making. I think about the experiences I’ve been though, the blogs I’ve written, and the poems I’ve crafted. All that stuff has made me the writer I am today.

As I reached the 75k mark, I wondered to myself, at what point will I be done? I have been physically writing this novel since March. It is still very much in raw form with barely any edits. I have survived working a full time job, being sick, and a mean writer’s block. Asking that proverbial, “are we there yet” question is based on the fact that I’m so ready to edit. The problem (and not in a bad way) is that story has so many components and it cannot just end abruptly and I know that.

I went into this not knowing what to expect because I’m that dude who starts something and never finishes it. I am that dude that will tell you I will do something and either never does it or it gets to you later than you wanted. I have worked harder on being a man of my word more than anything else. That is just in the terms of my personal life, as a professional I am quite different. I suppose that is the dual nature of a Gemini.

So understand that I am currently doing the greatest thing that I have ever done for myself. This is something that has made me become slowly excited. This doesn’t mean that I think this book will be the best shit every written, it’s the fact that I’m creating something. I know that I have other steps to follow in this process and no matter how much sleep I lose writing, what is happening now is the fun part.

I know what the next level has to be past this. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. I know how the book ends and I roughly know how I am going to get there. But, finally putting an ending on it does not mean that work of this novel is over. I still have to title the book, I still have to edit the text, I still have design the cover AND I still have to publish this damn thing. So, I am very excited about this whole process and yet I know that I will miss the pure creation of writing when I’m done which will ultimately lead me to write another book.

What makes all of this very weird for me is the ability to talk about this to people beyond this space. Sure, I can write about this in the vacuum that is the internet and get zero responses and be ok with it. But, it is when I talk to people, like family, about this that it becomes surreal. How do you broach that subject that you are writing a book without seeming that you are full of yourself?  Sure, that is my problem but I am pretty sure I am the only member of my immediate family that will do this. (Note: I will not be surprised if one of my cousin pulls out some journal showing they published something. lol)

Right now, my goal is about 95k. I think I can wrap up all the loose ends in about 20 thousand words. I think that once I edit and clean up some things, I may be closer to 100k. I makes me smile because there are so many things and people that have gotten me here.

I am ready for the next level. I am not talking about fame or fortune. I am finally ready to proclaim myself as a true publish author.

Let me know what you think!

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